Frustrations with Lesson 8 songs on the App

Just got to lesson 8. When I go to the song list on the app, all the songs using the new 3&4 stuck chords have super fast changes. Why are they throwing a bunch of new chords at us and then giving us songs we aren’t gonna be able to keep up with? Also, what happened to the voice on the songs? The first 7 lessons, the songs had the original singer. Now it sounds like Karaoke night.

Peter, I’m not too clued up on the App, so this is just my thoughts.

Firstly, choice of songs for the App is sometimes restricted by what publishers and copyright holders permit. Secondly, it may be that those are the suitable available songs.

That said, you can always slow the tempo down as you begin practicing use of 3&4 stuck chords to play songs on the App. It is generally a good strategy to slow the tempo until you can play and make changes smoothly. As you gain proficiency then you can slowly up the tempo until you reach the original tempo.

As for the voice, again there are sometimes constraints.


For the songs linked to Module 8 you can slow the tempo down as @DavidP mentions.

When you strip the main four Stuck 3&4 chords back to their essential type you have G major, C major, D major and E minor.

Within the App you can search by chords. Searching using those four chords as a filter brings 216 results.

None of the songs use the voice of the original singer so far as I can recall. They are sound-alikes and some are more authentic than others.