Full recreation of a song

This is the second full song recording I’ve attempted after getting my drum set last year. I try to choose songs that will require work in a certain area. In the previous song I covered “Change your mind” it was the vocals and guitar part. This one is the drums, which was a little more complicated than I’d tried previously. I’m happy with the results, particularly the drum and backing vocals. Not so happy with the production, which is a bit “boomy”, so something to work on next time!

(6) Therein lies the problem with my life - The Ocean Blue song cover - YouTube


Neil!! You are truly a man of many talents. I have to concentrate so much playing only one instrument let alone multiple instruments. I love your song, and it doesn’t seem too boomy for me on playback through my monitors.

Thanks afterburner - maybe a Jack of all Trades - definitely master of none! I do find this exercise to be really informative and beneficial for my musical ability.

Another great one, Neil! Ready for your next one!

Truly a one-man band, Neil. My hat is off to you!! I know what goes into the making of the whole enchilada. But to video each instrument and put it all together is going the extra mile for sure. Great song and good sound you’ve got going. Well done.

Thanks Pam, nice to hear from you again.

Thanks Oldhead, appreciate your positive vibes.

This is great, you Neil’ed it!

You are where I want to be in a few years - in a room in own house that can fit in a drum kit :slight_smile:

And as a musician. Great playing all the instruments and vocals. Well done!

The renegade renaissance polymath strikes again :open_mouth:
I was in awe of your playing production skills when we first collaborated years ago.
In the meantime, I have learned a lot and can appreciate much more what you were doing back then.
So impressed how you continue to stretch yourself in all areas of putting together songs.
You an’ @oldhead49 are nailing this category between you :sunglasses:

Another multi-mix multi-texture multi-goodness recording from Neil.
Blessed day.
Such an impressive broadening out of your abilities.
Thank you for bringing some sunshine in this indie-rock bitter-sweetness.

Thanks Elevatortrim, I got a lot out of the process!

Brian!!! not sure what a “renegade polymath” is but I think I like it! Good to hear from you again and cheers for listening.

Thanks Richard, appreciate your observations and comments. I hope all’s good with you!

Super stuff there Neil. Very impressive you playing every instrument in the song. Singing was good as well.

I can only dream to be this good one day.

Hello Neil, oh wow, that’s absolutely awesome :star_struck::clap::+1:!
I’m only able to play a bit on the recorder and the guitar. Congratulations on this fantastic production :clap::clap::clap:!

Thanks SgtColon, appreciate your comments. The production hides a lot of flaws in my playing/singing!

Thanks Nicole, I look forward to seeing you do a song video with a guitar backing and recorder solo!