Furniture Setup

Does anyone have any setup tips for stools / chairs / just stand up you lazy get / when spending crazy hours practising.

Finding myself slouched on the sofa, head always looking over to fretting hand, not doing my neck and spine any favours.

I’m trying to make a conscience effort to practice without looking over but is there any kit, I’m thinking leaning stools or anything I could look into?

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I use a no arms office chair as shown in photo enclosed, usually not cross legged more often with a Guitar foot stool. Another alternative instead of the foot stool is to have a strap on your guitar but if you do make sure you have strap locks!

Yeah, I’ve got the strap and grolsh washers. Took it off because gets in the way for a quick ‘pick up and play’.

Suppose it would be better practicing with strap so that playing while standing is less of a transition.

Cheers Darrell

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Yeah, I use those washers as well, not off Grolsch bottles though, you can get them from Am4z0n.

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@DarrellW I hope those come with beer :scream:

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Nope, it’s more me, I only drink real ale - sadly Lager to me is like 🐈‍⬛ P :joy::joy::joy:

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From someone who has been learning a while then sitting down is probably the easiest to start with…something that provides you a little support would be recommended (so you don’t slouch) and probably something without arms if you are using a single chair. Sitting down will provide you some support for the guitar on your legs and at this early stage it’ll be easier for you to see the fret board as it’ll be a bit closer.

When you first stand up to play it feels very different BUT it doesn’t take that long (a couple of sessions) before it feels quite normal.

Some like a very low footstool or rest to raise their right leg slightly.

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If I am lazy or having a very quick noodle I’ll sit on the edge of the office chair, so the arms are not in the way but for general practice, I picked this up a store but its a bit of a hard ass for long sessions.

However, I now try and do 60% of practice standing up and all songs once I have the fundamentals under my fingers. It was very odd and awkward to start with but as Jason said doesn’t take long to adapt and I am now able to play some solo/impro work standing as well.

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Yeah, think more standing will be in order if I get serious about the singing……

Cheers Jason, some of the guitar seats I have seen have a foot bar but you can’t have one side higher than the other I’ve seen a few suggestions for a doctors stool which has a small back rest on, that may work with a foot stool.


On the stool in my pic I have it on its lowest setting, one foot on the rest, the other on the floor. As you can see it has a back rest, for people with very small backs. :rofl:


Might be worth checking out something like this >> Hercules FS100B Guitar Stand

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