Fuzzy picks

Hi JG Community,

I finally found a pick that I like! I’ve struggled to find a guitar pick that I like the feel of and the sound it produced. A friend of mine introduced me to the Star Pick (pick with a whole in the middle) and I like how it feels to hold, but I still didn’t like the sound of the plastic on the guitar strings.

Last weekend I was talking to another friend about my dilemma and he suggested I try a “fuzzy” pick. What the heck is a fuzzy pick!? After an internet search, I found felt picks. I purchased a couple of different types and found the one I’ve been looking for. A felt pick with a hole in the center. It’s easy to hold, flexible enough for a beginner, and produces a nice warm sound. Something in between strumming with my thumb and a plastic pick…just what I was looking for. The reason I had never heard of felt picks is because they are advertised for use with a ukulele or bass guitar.

I was just wondering if others in the community use felt picks and what you think about them?


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I use felt picks for Ukulele, Classical Guitar and Bass Guitar and I can’t see any reason why you shouldn’t use one for any other string instrument!


A while back I was on the hunt for a pick that would give me the same warmth I can get from a thumb strum. No, just playing lightly with a hard pick won’t do it and thinner picks can be too flappy.

I tried a few felt picks and none of them seemed to fit the bill – also kind of chunky and clunky. I settled on some rubber picks. The brand name is Wedgie. Check them out.

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@CT Thank for the suggestion. I’ll check these out as well. I’m guessing that the rubber picks will last much longer than the felt picks.

I can’t say if that is true. The felt picks were a non-starter for me. The rubber picks will wear down/last depending on how and what you play.

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Interesting. I’m looking for something a little less “loud” than a pick but that is still a pick. I’ll go dig around the workshop and see if I can locate some rubber sheet and scissors.

And some other guitarist prefer the opposite, to the point of using coins as picks. :dizzy_face:

Very Cool :sunglasses:
It really is personal preference.

Sounds very interesting… I saw, they come much thicker (3,1 to 5 mm) I guess, that’s due to the material. Which ones do you use?

I use the thinner 3mm picks. I like the BoloPicks with the center cutout and the Jim Dunlop for different reasons.
Mind you, I don’t play out, so these are just for my at home practice for songs that I strum. I use a regular pick to do my lessons.

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