G String issues

I recently changed my strings and tried a different make. They seemed okay but a few weeks later the G string keeps going out of tune. Sometimes immediately after tuning. Very weird. I changed back to standard slinkys yesterday as i dont usually have a problem with these. Anyone else have G string issues?

Sitting a bit proud in the nut?

I sometimes struggle with the tuning here, less string out of tune more me bending it out of tune pressing too hard. When the nut was high, it was worse.

I guess you could try some pencil lead (carbon) scrapings in the nut slot as a lubricant

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I’m not sayin’ NOTHIN’!!!

Really though, I had a set of Ernie Balls that gave me issues with both the thick E & the G constantly needing tuning… changed them to Elixirs & the problem went away.



Did you give then a good stretch ?


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Thanks for the tip Dave. Not had an issue before but will try the pencil lube

Always give them a good stretch when i change them, but this one only started going out after a few weeks. Now back on ernies so will see how it goes

G-strings snagging on the nut seems to be a common problem. It’s certainly one I have experienced from time to time.

I agree that a little lube can help.




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Okay. I changed my strings again, went back to standard slinkys, and still get the g string going out of tune very easily. When i changed the strings i made sure i had a lot of string round the runer in case not gaving enough was causing a problem, didn’t seem to make lot of difference. Could it be a problem with the tuner itself being loose? Would it be worth changing them, was thinking maybe locking tuners?

How long have they been in? The third string is always a little more finicky. Maybe it needs a little more time to stretch.

My suggestion would be to give it a little stretch every time you tune to make sure it isn’t sticking at the nut. I have had a sticking G and D string where I needed to press the sting just on each side of the nut before it would tune correctly. Now I just give a little pull, like stretching the string. Seems to work ok.

I also think fewer wraps on the tuning peg leads to a more stable string. I barely have one full wrap on the wound strings and two-ish on the unwound. Never slipped or had a problem (yet…).

Youtube is full of the Gstring phenomenon :smile:

Ps: Luckly no problems with my acoustasonic, but with my Ibanez electric :confounded:

Hi @Rosshkerr

A little different than @Jamolay, I have tried to use 3 wraps on the unwound strings to keep them from slipping. I make sure to do a proper first wrap so the end is pinched in the wrap.

On one of my guitars, the tuning machine was a little loose and that was making the tuning somewhat random. Once I tightened the tuner’s nut it was fine.

One other thing to check - if you have a bolt-on neck, make sure the screws are not loose. I had tuning stability problems after my bolt-on neck acclimated to my dry climate. Just needed to tighten the neck screws. It was all strings in that case tho.

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