G Whiz, acoustic noodle

Thought I would post some actual playing, just a noodle in open G. I thought I’d try this tuning out after watching a few utoob vids about it. Pasted link to Youtube, hope it works.

2 layer loop through Boss AD-10 acoustic preamp on a Taylor Mini to a Cube practice amp.

Warning!: its just a noodle and all by ear off the top, some meandering and subconcious key changes may have happened …

Enjoy or don’t - critique welcome. I play sloppy and “live” …


A most enjoyable noodle, Brian, guitar tones sound good, interesting in that I might have wondered if it was an acoustic or electric if you hadn’t said so. The two layers harmonised well together. Showcased some neat playing as well.

I am hearing a little background noise in the recording. Not sure how you made it but would be better if that could be eliminated.

I usually use a link from Youtube, rather than the youtu.be link. Sometimes makes a difference in the topic but not in your case.

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A thoroughly enjoyable piece Brian and your guitar tone was nice.

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Thanks DavidP. I do lo fi for now as I have not delved into my AI too deep yet. The sound is from the amp with my iPad on the floor in front. Yep, lo fi . I’ll have to look further into the link options too then.

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Very enjoyable little noodle Brian. Nicely played :+1:

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Just edit your first post and you’ll see what I mean. SImply copy and paste from the Youtube when playing the video in your browser … at least that is what I always do.

Sounds great!! Enjoyed that little noodle a lot!!

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Came back to listen for a second time. Really like the relaxed easy noodling vibe. Noodle aspiration has been unlocked!

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Ha, everything I play these last couple of years seems to evoke (if) a response of “that was so relaxing!”. Move over Kenny G, its Brian B … :laughing:

I like the chill vibe for sure.

Very mellow. Nice one! Feels like a road trip song. Gives that feeling like i’m travelling somewhere.

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Hi Brian, I wish my noodling sounded as cohesive as yours. Sounds great, dare I say a touch of the Tommy E going on there!

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Too kind Lee, thank you.