Garage Band: Using Loops To Make A Backing Track

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Great lesson… out of all of the GB tutorials I have seen online, this one makes the most sense… and I like the Mr. Squiggle Blackboard T-Shirt

I’ve got GarageBand on my phone and have yet to make head or tail it!

Trying to figure out a full featured DAW on a tiny phone screen is not likely to be a pleasant experience. :scream:

(Although some people can do amazing things with it)

That was really something, but you’d have to be some kind of musical/computer genius to achieve that!

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Hi All. Newbie on here. I watched the vid with Justin making a loop. Went in my Garage Band put down a few Loops. Changed the key to Gmaj. However when I went to play a Gmaj scale over it apart from the first note the rest sounded terrible. Even tried Em Pentatonic but still way off.
Any Tips?


Nick, please share the chord progression. May also help to have more details on how you created the loops and did the key change, though on the latter I am not a GarageBand user so if something went awry in that I may not pick it up.

Then would also help to share a recording. My ability to listen and make specific comments is limited but others may be able to offer such critique.

Hi David Yeah Im very new to using Garage band also so literally was first take. But couldn’t get a handle on it.

I didn’t elect the progression It has a key Signature at the top which I changed. The loops where taken straight out of the available Garage band Loop samples.

Thanks Nick. In that case, my first comment is that it is a positive sign that your ears are giving you this feedback.

I don’t know how much theory you know, so am hesitant to get too theoretical, off the bat.

So practical try this and report back. Keep playing that first note on the beat over the whole loop. Listen careful to when it sounds good and when it may not sound good. Oh and what note is it.

Then try the next note in the scale doing the same thing.

Rinse and repeat for all notes in the scale.

If you feel inclined give that a try and then report back.