Garageband loops

I’m just getting into garageband but have a late 2012 Mac. As a result I am unable to upgrade Garageband to the latest version unlike on my iPad.

I’m not seeing any disadvantage to this other than my Mac is somewhat short of apple loops with around 75% of this listed not downloaded and it’s no longer possible to download them from Apple.

So my question, and I realise it’s a long shot, does anyone have an old Mac running high Sierra or earlier, have garageband and a full suite of apple loops. In the unlikely event someone does would they be prepared to share them as I understand it’s easy enough to install in the required directory with a simple drag and drop or copy and paste as long as you have the loops in the first place. None of the new garageband loops are compatible.

No harm in asking I guess even if unlikely, I realise most will have upgraded Macs but I’m trying to resist that as I never really use the Mac and only starting recently with garageband and a bit of recording.

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