Garbage Truck from the movie Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Hi Everyone,

Here is a little performance of the song Garbage Truck from the Movie Scott Pilgrim vs the World (great movie if you haven’t seen it :wink:). My husband Dan joined me on drums and vocals for this one.

This is a great quick/easy song to learn if you are working on power chords. I also got a chance to break in my new fuzz pedal I got for Christmas on this one.

Hope you enjoy! We had fun recording this one.

Garbage Truck Cover


Very cool, and good on Dan for coming out onto the other side of the camera :grinning:.


Garbage Truck.
Garage Rock.

I can see it’s a good power chord workout there Jennifer.

Rock on you two.


That was lots of fun, Jennifer and Dan.

Like the new camera setup that allows us to see the whole band in action.

Good job on those power chords and the tone with the new fuzz worked well for the song (which I’ve never heard before, nor the movie).

Hope you’ll be able to particpate this way in Community OMs.


Great to see the full band Jennifer. :smiley: Don’t know the song but it looked a real power chord workout. Well done.


Hi Jennifer,
Good to see you both in this great video :sunglasses: :clap:
Loved it ,keep on going,… :sunglasses:


Like it :metal:t2::metal:t2::metal:t2:


That was great Jen and definitely you got a nice Christmas present from your hubby since he managed to get some spotlight from you this time around. Next time he is not on the screen we know he got on a naughty list again :laughing: performance was really rock solid to me although I somehow managed to not see this movie… yet! All the best to you two!


Looks like you two were having a great time Jen. Great performance from you both and you sure got a power chord work-out there.

Would be nice to hear both of you doing a bit more singing together.


Love the movie and that sounded great.

Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks JK! For the next OM Dan will be out on Camera as well :grinning:

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Thank you so much! Definitely a power chord workout, but so fun to play!

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Thank you! Yes, next OM we will both be on screen :grinning:

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Thank you you much Gordon! Lots of power chord practice, but a lot of fun

Thank you! We had a fun time filming it. Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much! Yes, for the OM Dan will be in the frame instead of the Christmas tree :grinning: :wink:

Nice vid, play and vox… all around goodness!

Must be nice to have both halfs in the family doing music. No questions asked when one wants a new pedal, guitar or what have you! At least in theory I suppose?

Take good care and thanks for rocking us!

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Thanks LB! Yes, having another musician does make gear acquisition a little easier :wink: Although, he may not understand why I want more guitars when I already have 3 :laughing: My daughter on the other hand, is not always as thrilled to have 2 rock musicians around. She’s usually telling us to be quieter. Haha

Thanks for watching!