Garmin Watch Face

Hi, I just started the music theory course and thought I’d make something to help memorize the note circle. I don’t know how to share it but if you wear a Garmin watch it’s very easy to create a watch face using ConnectIQ. Just download Justin’s note circle photo to your phone, go to create a new watch face and upload that picture. Add the hands you want and whatever else you want in there for data and upload to your watch. Voila!



Nice Idea!
Pity that I tend to use most of the stuff already on my Fenix 6 Pro face (and it’s already cluttered!) otherwise I’d be tempted to give this a go.


Nice idea, but it won’t take you long to memorise that. When you’re done you should put on the circle of fifths. Now that’d be a ton more useful information :grinning:


I agree. I actually know a fair bit of theory already but like the guitar course I’m starting from the beginning anyway. I figured I’d make this one and have it for a fun reference and then make the circle of fifths once I get to that video. Thanks!