Gary from Canada

Hello JustinGuitar fanatics, I’m Gary from Canada.

I’m in my sixth decade on this little rock hurtling through space, so I guess I’m one of the old dogs learning new tricks here. Actually, I should say “relearning” because I actually played a little rhythm and bass back in my “formative” years - nothing structured and no lessons - just learning from my buds. When the pandemic hit, I needed another hobby and picked up an old guitar from the basement. Have now gotten a sweet hollowbody electric Godin 5th Avenue.

I’ve been using Justin’s course for a year now, and am pumped with the progress I’ve made and am super enjoying it. I’m into classic rock, blues, country blues, blues/rock and - well, you get the picture.

Happy to be here.


Welcome Gary to the community.

There are plenty people here, you started later in life on the guitar journey. Enjoy the ride :grinning:

Hey Gary! Welcome to the forum, that Godin looks sweet!

Welcome to the fanatics club Gary.
Another Godin fan here although of the Seagull acoustic type.
I can brag that my guitar was made within a hundred miles
from where I live.
Also an old timer into the classic rock/folk so we have that in common too.
Looking forward to hearing more from you.
Where in Canada you hangin your hat these days ?


Hey Gary
I’m new today here, but welcome. I love playing / attempting to play the blues and bits and pieces of folk and country. I’m also in my 50’s and still trying - made some good progress over the last few years and hope to continue.

Good luck Gary and see you around.

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All my exes live in Texas, that’s why I hang my hat in Winnipeg (apologies to George Strait). You’re in la belle provence? I love visiting Montreal and Quebec City.

Quebec city is close but just across the border in Maine.

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Welcome in Gary.

Happy to have you here :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Community, Gary, glad to have you hanging out here.

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Hello and welcome to the community Gary. :slight_smile:

That is a sweet looking guitar you have.

All good and what all of us in out 60s need !! Welcome Gary.

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It is indeed a sweet looking guitar. And far better than my playing skills deserve.:blush:

Welcome to the community, great to have you here. Sure is an amazing journey

Hi Gary, old dogs and new tricks, guitars and more. You’re in the right place. Welcome to the community. :slight_smile: