Gas anyone

Some bargains here but be quick, sale ends midnight tonight.


Hi Greg,
They should lock you up without internet :face_with_raised_eyebrow:… bad bad boy…

(pss: there are some nice offers, luckily I’m waiting for something at the moment so no problems with GAS in the coming yea… days :innocent:)


Did you get a little bag or stand for your gas coming in days? Always time for a bit of last minute shopping Rogier

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curse you too,…
no idea if it comes with a bag (I thought it was an expensive one for a ukulele) and I have a wall bracket … so get off my back , … I have enough … for now :blush:

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I have to confess I took the plunge myself today so at least I’m leading by example.

I keep looking each day, fancying a semi-hollow electric at the moment, but I think I need to keep practicing and learn a few more songs before I can justify adding to my guitar collection

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Thank god. I made it to page 10 and not a lefty in sight.

I’m saved for now… XD

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