GAS Attack! NPD (New Pedal Day)

As much as the resisting of new unnecessary guitars is going well, GAS struck today.

A Fender EXP-1 expression pedal made its way into my collection. I’ve been playing a song that really needs it to sound right… so that’s a good enough excuse! Just tried it out, and it’s so fun. Adds a new dimension to playing.

Being a Mustang expression pedal it basically controls certain virtual pedals on the Mustang GTX amp… the amp having over 70 pedals built in, there’s quite a few possibilities.


Congrats JK and have fun !!

But beware of the episode that led to my Madman moniker. Just remember when you have it in the signal line, especially when switched to Volume. My factory reset and pre-set rebuild saga on my Mustang III, when I thought I had lost all of the pre-sets, all came about as the pedal had toggled to volume and the volume was ZERO. Hence no sound, no pre-sets and lots of panic, then subsequent unnecessary rebuilds !! Would hate for anyone to go through that drama but you live and learn !



Oh what a story! I hadn’t heard that one yet. That would have made me both kinds of mad!

First thing I did when connecting it was go into the global presets and turn it to “preset” rather than “volume” at the global level… which might just be a Mustang GTX thing, not sure if that was on the classic mustangs. Because I could just see myself stuffing up and turning the volume to zero mid song.

Never would have imagined a permanent zero volume situation :scream:


Funny you should say that ! That was how mine was configured AFTER the rebuild. Its an old story from my old Roadcase and ran for about 3+ weeks. I’d junked all 100 factory pre-sets and over 3 years had accumulated replacements that all had various tweaks. So after the factory reset, they all needed re-installing and then adjusting to as close as they were before the “incident”. The full story was copied into my LL but its a long haul read. :scream: But with the pedal switched to pre-set you should be safe :+1:

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Happy NPD JK. I hope you have lots of fun with it. Though it’s going to be a lot of tapping to get to preset number 70. :smiley:

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Hi Jk ,
Happy NPD :partying_face: :sunglasses:
I immediately thought … Hey, I want to ask if that’s also fun and what it actually does with a simple Vox tube amplifier 15 watts, but if you’re already wondering that, you probably shouldn’t think about it yet,… …looking/listening to what you will do with it :sunglasses:

And hope not to hear any more of those horror stories from Toby @TheMadman_tobyjenner just as GAS is fueled :angry: ,Terrible if your equipment starts working against you (or as lately some people with a mobile can’t use the site for so long and stuff)…

but It also gives me peace of mind that I don’t go looking for it if I want it too :laughing:…next time put an age/dangerous for vulnerable souls warning on such a post :hot_face:

Have fun JK :sunglasses:


Nice looking piece of kit JK! Be fun to hear you use it in anger. How do you switch to which effect / pedal it’s controlling?

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A lot of fun to be had with that.
What’s the song that tipped you into getting it?

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Thank God for Fender’s mobile app for amp control :rofl:

Hah, so, it probably wouldn’t do anything for a Vox tube amp. It controls on the onboard software in the Mustang GTX. I’m pretty sure it’s just a potentiometer and a switch under the hood (similar to guitar controls). So it’s basically a way to add effects by twiddling knobs with your foot. A “real” pedal like this would be a whammy pedal, or volume pedal. So I guess it’s mainly for whamming and volume swells… or any other weird effect that could be done by twiddling a dial on a pedal. Except with your foot… So you’re going to need to buy a whole room full of pedals, or maybe a more complicated amp, hmm? Get out there and get buying :smiling_imp:

And that’s why it took me two hours to reply Rogier!

The GTX has 200 customisable presets. So for a preset I want to use this on, I configure it on the amp as to what effect dial I want the expression pedal to act on,

Lots of fun for sure! Although just one for now… I’m going to keep the song close to my chest for now as it is likely to end up posted here or at an OM and I don’t like to foreshadow :wink:.

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Thanks for this … You start out so nice, and then completely screw it up with this…

Soo such a pity :hear_no_evil:

I really want some pedals that make me think I play super cool … my vox can do something … I have a Fender compugilista … a chorus … Trio … normal looper And Boss DD8. … but I barely use it except for chorus and some amp reverb…

I’ve got the money…now the brain :see_no_evil:

I feel sad(? :angry:)for you guys, I really do. It would drive me crazy as an anti tech dude… I’m so glad Gordon @sairfingers also has an i-pad these days (no kidding) otherwise we would have lost him and maybe lost him forever in the 1s and zero`s (little kidding :laughing:)

Greetings… and have fun with YOUR Pedal :blush:

That’s usually all they are.

Expression pedals are a lot of fun. I used to use one on my Katana.

You can, basically, map them to whatever variable control on the selected effect you want.

So, for instance, you could map it to the delay time or feedback level on a delay effect, the depth or speed on vibrato, or the wet/dry level on most effects.

Happy new pedal day.



Yes I’ve had to go back into the settings again this morning and change a 1 to a 0 on my phone. It’s very annoying and not at all user friendly. Thanks for your concern Roger. :grin:

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There’s 10 types of people…




Great purchase JK, I had a RG one and I had similar mind boggle as Toby where sound wasn’t coming out and I couldn’t figure out why. Turns out at the bottom of the pedal there is a knob where you set your pedal’s sensitivity so if you had it maxed out it changed from 0 to 100 whereas min… 0 to 0 :rofl:

Enjoy JK and I look forward to even more expression

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Cool beans! I have not played with expression pedals yet. I will have to check them out. Nice thought for the day.

As more of a traditionalist when it comes to amps and pedals, you might want to watch this:

For those with amps with built in effects:

Many standalone multifx units (like my Boss GT-1) either have a built-in expression pedal and/or allow one to be connected and can be programmed to control almost any parameter.



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Congrats for a new toy!