GAS strikes!

Wow gorgeous!

For guitar addicts I recommend you dont visit

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I looked. :cold_sweat: :smiley:


Oh dear! For how they’re made they are fantastic value, I don’t think I’ve seen anything that nice and with such attention to detail for anything like their prices!
The only thing that’s a bit worrying at the moment is the situation between Slovakia and Russia, I just hope it doesn’t screw things up!

Ooooooooh…nice. That’s a beauty. Bet you’re looking forward to it.

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Oh well, looks like being a long while to get that guitar, they don’t ship anything until there’s enough to justify the shipping cost. So at the moment there’s no indication of when it might get shipped. This came from the Manufacturer direct because Richard told me, quite rightly, that there was no indication of the shipping date - me being me decided to phone the manufacturer! Should have known better knowing Richard!!!
Anyway, I had been hankering for a Strat type again because I’ve missed having my own guitar that’s got a wiggle stick!
Soooo after much deliberation and research I finally got this:

It’s a Jet JS600 but it was B stock so came at a good price! This is why it was B Stock!

To me that was being very picky, but do I care about it, hell no!!!
I will follow up later with the Spec and price; be prepared for some jaw dropping!


Darrell, wow :open_mouth: Is that the second new guitar this year? :star_struck: What a beautiful guitar, looks just like summer and good days in the sun :sun_with_face:

Only drawback is that now I want to see you play a “The Warning” song on it :slightly_smiling_face:

Have so much fun playing your new guitar!

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Very nice Darrell, happy NGD.

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Are you still getting the Dowina?

Both look great, so two guitars is better than one, right?

We have a Dowina dealership here in Denver. So I have seen and played a few, and researched them a bit. Lovely guitars, well built and great price. They even do custom builds at reasonable prices.

I tend to buy used, so never got one, but they were in my short list. Let us know what you think when you finally get it.

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She was a beaut Darrell!!
Was that minor thing on the headstock reason for B-stock???

Two guitars!? Haha last year I bought two electrics within a span of 3 months and then got given one too. It was awesome! Hope you have lots of fun with both.

First the Specs:

  • Model Name: Jet Guitars JS-600 Ebony, Transparent Red/Yellow
  • Code: JETJS600TR/Y
  • Body: Mahogany w/ Flame Maple Top

Neck and Fingerboard

  • Neck Material: Roasted Canadian Maple
  • Neck Profile: ‘Modern C’
  • Scale Length: 25.5" Radius 12”
  • Fingerboard: Striped Ebony
  • Number of Frets: 22

Hardware and Electronics

  • Nut: Bone
  • Nut Width: 1.65"
  • Position Inlays: White Dots
  • Bridge Pickup: Alnico Humbucker
  • Middle Pickup; Alnico Single Coil
  • Neck Pickup: Alnico Single Coil
  • Controls: 1V, 1T, 5 Way Switch
  • Control: 1 coil split for Humbucker
  • Hardware Finish: Chrome
  • Tuning Machines: Chrome Locking
  • Pickguard: White Perloid
  • Control Knobs: Chrome

Now the price:

  • Full price £399
  • B stock £248
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As The Who once said, I call that a bargain ! :+1:

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In due course, when I get used to it!

Thank Toby, appreciated!

As Richard says there wouldn’t be a problem selling it if I decided not to have it he would give me first refusal when it comes in!

Yup, that’s all it was, a few marks in the cutout for Truss rod adjustment.

Might only be this one, not sure how long it could take to get it so might not bother.

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I couldn’t believe the price when I saw it, it’s really nice to play and on examination most of the hardware is Wilkinson, you can see it on the Trem, that’s a Wilkinson II system, you can bottom it out down to flapping flat and it returns to tune! The Setup is spot on, just the right height for me. It sounds amazing, coil split works well and the humbucker has got plenty of growl! I’ve played some Ibanez very similar but double the price and they’ve been no better, coincidentally they come from the same factory - both made by the China Cort factory!

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Way to go Darrell!
Congrats on that great looking guitar.
Love that color. She’s a real looker for sure.
And for sure on that great price ya got it for.

So is the defect them lines under the strings? Or is that just a reflection?
If that’s the defect. It’s not much of a defect imho.

Have a great time playing that one. Your gonna have a lot of fun with that. She just screams Rock & Roll!

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No it’s just the marks around the trussrod access hole that are the reason for B stock…

Happy NGD Darrell, that is a very sunshiny looking guitar and what a bargain price as well. Makes it all the more sweeter. Enjoy your time together.

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Wow… again Happy NGD :partying_face: :sunglasses:
That is an amazing price … :smiley: :sunglasses:

Wow, you came out real good with that.
I don’t even see any marks around the trussrod access hole. And I put your pic into paint and blew it up large cause I couldn’t see any defect at all.

Gotta love it when plan comes together… :wink:
Rock On!