GDPiper169 - May 2022 - So Well Cover by Greg

I’m a Dawes fan. In almost every instance, I prefer live unplugged versions of their songs to the original studio versions. It’s typically one acoustic guitar with three of them singing. This song may be a bit boring without the vocals, but I can hear them singing in my head.


Hi Gregory,
That sounded good :sunglasses:…nice enough chords not to sound boring, yes of course it gets better with singing, but it’s nice that you hear that in your head :smile: …there are plenty who hear annoying things in their head :expressionless:… at least I was able to play guitar through it a bit :sunglasses:
Greetings ,Rogier

Very nicely played. Enjoyed it even without the vocals. Thanks!

Not boring at all! Was a pleassure to listen to. I dont know this vand or song at all. But it sounded really nice…
Loved your strumming technic and pattern :+1:

That was very cool Gregory. Like others have, not boring at all and your guitar sounds sweet.

Very nicely done.

Sounded really nice Greg. Don’t know the song or the band but a great listen!

Hi Gregory,
As someone else who pretty much just relies on singing along in his head, I’ve come to appreciate the sound of the acoustic being played on its own.
So I thought your playthrough was very nice and not boring at all :slight_smile:

I dont know the song but it did not sound boring to me, well played.

Gorgeous work Gregory, you have finesse in your touch and your timing.

Awesome work Greg, really enjoyed that!

Fine playing Greg, enjoyed it and the rendition of an original

Thank you all for the nice comments. It’s greatly appreciated.