GDPiper169 - September 2022 - Willin' Cover - LAUGH ALERT!

September 24, 2022 - YouTube LAUGH ALERT! I don’t think the guitar playing is too bad, but the faces I make are something else. Let’s just say, don’t drink or eat anything while you’re watching. And people wonder why I don’t normally show my face! :rofl:


Hi Gregory. I thought that was great. You had a good strum pattern with light and shade dynamics and some single notes ringing out in places. Really good.

I don’t know the song so I may be wrong here and it’s difficult to tell without a lyric, but I felt your timing and the flow of the song suffered at the bits where you paused the strum pattern and your strum hand remained motionless for a second or two.
Keep your hand moving up and down to the beat of the song even when not hitting the strings. That’ll help keep the flow going.

As for your face…… we’ll there aren’t too many George Clooneys around here. :grinning:

That sounded really good, Gregory. Some quite challenging movement up and down the neck, plus chord embellishments and you played fluently throughout.

I’d concur with @sairfingers, I think it is especially important to keep the hand moving, foot tapping during pauses, rather than coming back in based on feel … if one watches pros they still tap the foot.

As for guitar faces made due to concentration, momentary hiccups etc, you have a long way to go before you need be concerned. It made it all the more enjoyable to watch you playing, rather than just seeing the guitar and hands.


Hi Gregory,
Nice chords, that was nice to listen to and nice to look at, :sunglasses: :clap:…as said, the best make the weirdest faces :smile:…Carlos Santana often talks about it…

Guitar playing was very good. If you hadn’t mentioned it I am not sure I would have notice your face LOL.

Thanks, and I understand what you’re saying about the timing. I enjoy playing this song, but I’d say it just doesn’t come off well without, at a minimum, the lead vocal. I’ve seen live videos of Little Feat playing this where there is a pause of 5 seconds or more at the points you’re talking about with no vocals or instrument playing. Keeping time for that long without any music is well above my pay grade. Little Feat - Willin' - 07/20/95 - YouTube

Nice playing Gregory. I wouldn’t worry about your facial expressions as we all have some sort of facial expression when concentrating. Sounded really good to me!

A couple of things worth pointing out:

  1. High praise for going through the process of posting yourself playing the guitar. I would like to say that it gets easier, it may not for everyone. Listening to myself alone can be unnerving, watching myself play is an assault on the senses! Do it because others hide their playing behind their DAW and do it to inspire others that “If I can do it, so can anyone else.”
  2. Don’t offer apologies going in. There are no apologies in punk, rock or alt music. Just let 'er rip. I don’t know of any music related message board where any one bashes another member’s playing. It doesn’t happen. Play on playa!

OK, with that out of the way, nice use of the fretboard! A lot to like here for sure, and a lot to build on. Good tone and nicely played. Well done.

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Hello, I don’t know this song but I can say your strumming sounded really good and I enjoyed it till the end of the video :clap::clap::clap: :blush:About the facial expressions…this often happens to me as well , I sometimes try to kind of melt the tension in a smile… I often record myself and when I get really confident with a song I can tell it by my face!

That was a great piece of playing Gregory. I really enjoyed it.

As for your facial expressions, well, you were just feeling the music.