Gear for sale topic

Hi guys,
without starting a new Community category, I’m starting a sticky topic for “gear for sale”, where you can reply with your ads.

I think I’ll need to ask to
so it remains to be a list of current open sales.

tips for good ads and good buyers:

  • provide enough info and at least one real picture
  • mention the price or terms concerning offers
  • available payment methods
  • tell us where you are shipping to
  • honor your agreement if you have one

I’ll start off with a little sale.

  • This ad is aimed at continental Europe buyers.
    Shipping would get silly to UK and rest of world unless you really want to put down the extra cost (which would be silly because they will be easier to find in your own region)

  • JustinGuitar Community members get 10% off on listed prices

  • you can pay with paypal or european bank transfer

  • shipping wil be done by, our national postal service.

The page is in Dutch but you can read titles, prices and understand EN video’s, right? :smiley:

the page contains my ads for:

  • Strymon Flint
  • Wampler Velvet Fuzz
  • Wampler Sovereign distortion
  • Wampler Ethereal delay+reverb
  • TC Electronic bodyrez
  • Fulltone Fulldrive 2 mosfet

I’m selli because I’m bundling all my vocal and guitaring needs into one programmable digital box, a Mod Devices Dwarf.
(and the funds help the purchase of a better aocustic guitar ;))


Was looking for a “for sale” category, figured I’d put it here instead.

I’ve got a BOSS WL-20 wireless system I don’t use. It’s a few months old, I paid around AU $330 for it. Before I put it up on Facebook I thought I’d post it here. My amp has Bluetooth & wifi and it seems to cause interference (either that or the loads of tech gear in my house).

I’d sell it for AU $150 (that’s Aussie dollar bucks) and post within Australia and NZ.

PM me if interested.

I hope this is okay to post on here, if not then @Richard_close2u @LievenDV @DavidP please delete it.

I’m sell my Katana 50 MK2 amp. It’s in great condition, still boxed and hardly used.

Asking £130. I live in south Manchester, UK. Might be willing to ship in the UK but buyer would have to cover that cost. Thought I’d put it on here before advertising it elsewhere.

Thanks for looking. :slight_smile:


Please could one of the mods delete this post for me? It has now been sold and I don’t want to mention any name (@brianlarsen ) as to who the buyer is. :smiley:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Sounds like a shady Warrington/Runcorn trunk to trunk RDV may be required. Half way to paradise, well somewhere on the 56. :scream_cat:

Maybe they could do some busking in the services, not sure if Brian has appropriate attire

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What size battery would be needed to power that sucker? :smiley:

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