Get Lucky (Daft Punk) from Module 5 Songs App recording

Hello everyone. I practiced this songs since yesterday and I thought I nailed it, only to find during the recording that, yikes, my tempo still kinda *****. Had some anxiety too :sweat_smile:.

The Song App says for all downstrums, but I liked the music it produced with the “Old Faithful” strum, so I recorded that.

This is my first time recording. I have a Blue Yeti mic for video conferencing, so at first I put that up in-front of the AMP, and that sounded awful. Then I realized, I can connect the AMP directly to my laptop through USB and record. So I did that. Things I am realizing after watching my own recording

  • I need more practice with metronome with longer periods for consistent strumming with chord changes. I have been practicing strumming in the App for 180 seconds, but without chord changes.
  • Need some more work on the D and C chord.
  • Messed up chord order two times, so practice more with the song.

I guess I can keep on practicing and proceed to Module 6 now? Please share your thoughts and feedbacks.

EDIT My doggo thinks (atleast one of them, the other one didn’t bother coming in) it’s good. Maybe I am doing something right :rofl:


Hi Swas. Well done getting started on AVoYP. As you’ve said yourself you need to work on getting your chord changes cleaner.

Have you listened to the original song? It’s pure funk and for that to work you need to add some accents into the beat to give it a dynamic.

Work in the chord changes for now. The dynamics can come later.

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Hello @swashata, warm welcome! Oh man a Schecter, I like you already! :laughing:

Great job on the recording, really cool idea to include the app screen as well.

My only advice would be to pay attention to your right hand, seems to me there’s a bit too much wrist and not enough arm action going on when you’re strumming.

Other than that no criticism from me, only encouragement! Keep playing and keep practicing :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well done for posting your first video. Nothing I can really criticise there as you’ve already self assessed and identified the areas to improve. You’re on the right track :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi there, good job on the recording. I liked how you put an app screen on top of your recording. Advice from me would be to get to minimum 30 changes per minute for each chord change and if you are able to do so then move on to next module.

Work on songs you already know, polish them up especially changes, dynamics will come in time when you feel more comfortable with changes.

You’re getting there! Btw nice pictures behind you, vibes from me for DC and Friends :wink:

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Good on you for posting the AV. Stay with it, keep it going and by all means enjoy the journey!

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Well done, and congrats on posting your recording. Also a good job with the self-assessment. I think you’ve identified the major things you can work on and improve. With the D chord, one thing you can focus on is not hitting the low E or A strings during the strumming.

I bet your Blue Yeti mic is a condenser microphone. It can be difficult to get the levels right when using a condenser to mic an amp. Using USB from the amp works fine, but if you want to explore mic’ing the amp you’d probably have better luck with a dynamic mic. Not necessary since you’ve got the USB out from the amp, but I thought I’d mention it in case you’re still interested in micing the amp.

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I can’t add to the advise that’s already been given, but I sure can encourage you to keep up the good work.

Thank you sairfingers. I will assign extra time for chord changes from now, especially from and to D and from and to C.

Hehe, thank you. A friend of mine suggested it. I wanted a Stratocaster that looked cool, had the tuning pegs all on one side and he suggested this. Actually we tried to buy the Sun Valley Super Shredder FR S, but only the FR model was readily available on my local shop. Since my acoustic guitar is kinda broken, I decided not to wait and just get this. It really feels amazing.

Could you please suggest me if I am holding the guitar right while standing up? When I am sitting down, my whole arms moves, but standing up, the elbow kind of grazes over the body of the guitar which feels weird and I end up moving the wrist more. If I keep the guitar lower, then I have trouble reaching with my left hand. Would love you have your input on this or if you can, maybe a photo of your posture holding it in standing position.

Thank you very much Tim. I really appreciate it.

Thank you. It was a bit of a stretch syncing the webcam input and mobile screen recording :sweat_smile:. I can do around 50-60 of the prescribed chord changes in Module 5. But I guess I need to practice while strumming a little more.

There’s Iron Man too :sunglasses:.

Thank you. The journey is really awesome :smile:.

Thank you JWC. I will roger that. I can mute the E and A with thumb, but now I am trying to get the strumming good without muting as was suggested in the last video.

I think you’re right. As seen in the product page “Yeti is a side-address condenser microphone”. I will stick to plugging in the USB from the AMP for now.

Thank you very much batwoman. It really means the world to me :smile:.

Well done, Swashata, both for making and sharing the recording as well as observing and picking up the things to work on. Good job on the video.

I’ve nothing more specific to add in terms of feedback already given.

Keep doing what you are doing … the practice and making the recordings … and you’ll keep progressing.

I’ve been looking at Nick Johnston signature models but fortunately for my wallet the wenge neck versions are really hard to come by. Looks like Rob Scallon is coming out with a Schecter 8 string signature model soon which is going to be really hard to resist for me.

Try shortening the strap a little bit the so the guitar is a tad bit higher, that might do the trick. Should be a lot more comfortable for your fretting hand also. It’s all personal preference though so don’t be afraid to experiment until you find what suits you best!

Thank you @SS7 that actually helped.

Also I’ve been thinking about passing Grade 1 and move to Grade 2. Justin said I needed to memorize 5 songs, I have the easier ones memorized and this new year, we even played some in the party. However I really liked the “Heart of Gold” by Neil Young. I couldn’t figure out the strumming pattern from the app. I saw a video of Justin teaching it and been practicing since yesterday, with me and my wife trying to sing along. I recorded one this morning, this time without the video. Please let me know what you think and should I consider passing Grade 1 and moving to Grade 2.

Drive Link - Heart of Gold Music

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Swashata, it sounds to me like you are ready to start Grade 2. I’d suggest as you continue with Grade 2, you continue to learn and plays songs that make use of what you learned in Grade 1. You have made a start on HoG and should continue that as you go but I would not make playing HoG to your own satisfaction a criteria for moving to the next Grade.

Playing songs at a party sounds to me like completing Grade 1 with distinction! I’d love some more videos of you playing those songs.

Enjoy Grade 2

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Great first outing Swashata. :slight_smile:

Nothing more that I can add.

It’s good to record and watch yourself back as the self-assessment is really useful.

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Thank you David, you are very inspiring and helpful. I will surely record next time we do something. My wife recorded the Nirvana riff I was trying out and posted on instagram though. I am not even sure I got that right, I have listened to the song many times and there seems to be something missing every now and then :grin:. I will now start Grade 2, power chords and blues :star_struck:.

Bdw, about HoG, I think I missed the fact that intro “pumped” strum and verse Em → C → D → G had same tempo. I think it is related to how we count 8 strum pattern or something? I thought this song was perfect for consolidating Grade 1, but I am starting to think I was wrong. I have been following the App only and not at all the website. The website has many interesting notes below the Modules which is very helpful.

Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile: I really appreciate it.

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Great effort doing well for a first AOVYP post !! :smiley:

To get a consistent height between sitting and standing, adjust the strap while you are seated with the guitar in its normal position. Make sure the strap is just supporting the guitar but the weight is still on your thigh. When you stand you should be pretty much in the same position.

Hope that helps.



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Great that you’ve posted, it’s all been said I think. Keep it up.
Can I ask what your dog’s called? We all need our own animal supporters :smiley::+1:t2:

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Thank you very much Liz for your warm support :slight_smile: . The name of my dogs are Scooby, our 7 years old Labrador, and Shelly our almost 4 years old Indian Pariah. I am proud to say, they have fully endorsed my guitar journey :grin:

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Hey Toby, Sorry for not thanking your earlier :sweat_smile: . Your suggestion was spot on, I can now very much comfortably play sitting and standing.

Lovely, great they approve :smiley:

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