Getting in tune!?! Here is an alternative way using harmonics

So you can tune a guitar, but you can’t tunafish… some professionals tune their guitar before each and every song.

The goal, really, is to tune the guitar to itself - maybe not exactly to A440, but such that when you play, all six strings are in tune - in relation - for playing. The new method uses harmonics and fretted notes like usual, but at different positions from what I have always used in the past (old way used mostly 5th fretted notes and harmonics).

First tune your D string to D …or what ever pitch you like. Many times I start a half step lower on the D string, near C#, to better fit my vocal range. You could use a tuner, a pitch pipe, a wet crystal wine glass or anything (like your perfect pitch) to set your D string.

First -
D: set your perferred D pitch

From there you use the new method, in the order shown below, to tune the other five strings…

Second - three high strings > to achieve pitch, adjust the fretted notes
G: play harmonic at 12th fret of D string - play G string at 7th fret - adjust fretted G to pitch
B: play harmonic at 12th fret of D string - play B string at 3rd fret - adjust fretted B to pitch
e: play harmonic at 12th fret of G string - play e string at 3rd fret - adjust fretted e to pitch

Third/Last - bottom two strings > to achieve pitch, adjust the harmonic played notes
A: play harmonic at 12th fret of A string - play G string at 2nd fret - adjust harmonic A to pitch
E: play harmonic at 12th fret of E string - play e string open - adjust harmonic E to pitch

in short hand :: h = harmonic f = fretted

D: your preference

G: hD-12f G-7f
B: hD-12f B-3f
e: hG-12f e-3f

A: hA-12f G-2f
E: hE-12f e open

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yeah nah

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Way too hard. Just use a clip-on tuner.



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What is the advantage of this method?

If you get to pick a pitch you like you aren’t really tuning your guitar.

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You are. Just only with itself. Not with other instruments, which is very often important.



Is this what is meant by alternative tuning ? :thinking:

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That’s actually how it was done for centuries. The whole A = 440 hz as a standard is less than 100 years old.

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But then they’d tune and set intervals with each other, still not whatever you fancy

Yes, as long as you are in tune with the people you are playing with. If you are a solo performer then you can do what you like.

And pray folk like what they are hearing if you ever record anything. :rofl:

Interesting fact, but no thanks :grinning: