Getting into improv?

I found this quite an interesting watch and thought it was really well explained.

Hi Stefan,
I’m so glad I saw Justin’s lessons for this one because I’m trying to imagine what I would have thought of this lesson a few years ago, but I think I was pretty confused…but that’s true. probably not for everyone, so it’s clearer for you now and then I say “hurray for you”… but my advice to novice improvisation players would really be… watch Justin’s videos instead of this one …I also immediately admit that the difference in teaching is also very decisive for me because I think it is so much less good,
and I stopped after 10 minutes. (start typing with sound on)
My question to you is, What does this add to Justin’s lessons for you?
I remember well when I started these lessons that someone pointed out the 5 pentas shapes (to start with) through someone from YouTube and that was then rejected by many people here … while I hear this typing I tell her some things that I don’t think are useful for beginners…

Of course I hope that people find this useful …

But I think this is more of a clickbite related lesson and a really good lesson for beginners who want to start improving… (I like to be contradicted by more experienced players in this area, because there is a big risk that this is just personal preference and I can no longer remember my initial lessons from Justin :pleading_face:)

Too long a story in which I only wanted to say very politely, I don’t think it’s a good lesson for many people, Justin has many better ones, but I’m glad it’s useful to you. :upside_down_face: :joy:


That is fair enough Rogier.

I guess for me it was the fingers and the major and minor that helped. I thought it was a good explanation. Yes, there is a lot of waffle in there but it was that part that helped me understand it a little more. I cannot remember picking that up from one of Justin’s video’s, though that may be further down the line than what I am at the moment.

I am not saying that Justin’s lessons are inferior. I just think it helps to pick up knowledge from all different sources. :+1:


Could you share a link to Justin’s version of this. It would be helpful to be able to compare.

Ooo, you make me dig hard into my brain… that almost hurts… I’m sure he discusses that, but what’s in my head is really later in the course (but maybe also earlier, but I don’t have that memory of now)…more things they say are better for later in the course…that’s why I don’t recommend this video to start with…

Of course not :joy:

Some confusing stuff here Stefan especially on the some of the terms being used. If you want to get a good idea of the Major Minor pent relationships, @Richard_close2u has a very good thread in the Approved Teacher Tips. For a impro beginner I think there is too much stuff in the vid but I bailed at 12 minutes.


Hi ,

Start at at the beginning of the blues courses and improvisation lessons and it will reveal itself to you … and the further you go, the more other sources you can use to learn from, as most do… just finding lessons on you tube is for most (it was for me) a big waste of time because of things in the wrong order to learn… Start with blues lesson 1 :sunglasses:



Thank you Toby.

I am always happy to stand corrected. :smiley:

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Now, don’t go wandering off again Stefan. :nerd_face:
There are some truly great teachers around. These 2 aint I’m afraid. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cheers, Shane


:rofl: :rofl: Sorry Shane!

I knew I was doing wrong but I just couldn’t help myself.


All in jest Stefan. :nerd_face: Some of the best moments of my life have come from doing the ‘wrong’ thing.

Cheers, Shane.


Three minutes was as far as I could go. If it has value for you, then move forward with it. Her playing/tone didn’t sound very good to my ears. No harm in looking outside of the echo chamber for other approaches and concepts. This is the golden age of guitar, sure Justin is the best for a lot of things, but no teacher can be all things to all people.