Getting my spirits high again

I had a really nasty injury recently with some surgery involved and during my recovery I am not allowed to bend my knee so I can’t sit properly on a chair. I’ve been “sofa-bound” with the leg up for 6 weeks now (although I can walk better and better now) and all this time I can’t play the guitar… nor did I want to :frowning:
I tried to play standing a couple of times but leg gets really tired really quickly so… I kinda gave up.
My main point is that, among all else, I lost my appetite to play.
All this time I am just 3 meters away from the guitar, but she’s just not talking to me any more (yes, I used to hear her calling me :stuck_out_tongue: ).
I guess in my mind I worry about other stuff.
“Hard Times” comes to mind, just not that hard perhaps as I have food at least for now :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:

Today was slightly different… don’t know how… don’t know why… I thought I heard a whisper…
I kinda pushed myself as well and logged into Justin’s website to see where I had left off…
So, next thing I know, I was feeling her curves in my hands and her body against mine exploring the first position of the A minor pentatonic together… :rofl:

Some things I noticed, I need to work again on finger stretching exercises… and also my wrist is kinda bent when I play power chords (again, standing position).

Seems like my mood improved a bit and the engine started firing again, perhaps not all cylinders but I’ll get there, hopefully, and I wanted to share this sliver of enthusiasm.

Take care everyone! :slight_smile:


So glad you heard the call of your guitar Lefteris and managed to hold her close enough to play. As your leg heals you’ll be able to spend more time with her and your music will come back to you.

While your playing time is limited, here’s some other things you could do to keep the music playing.

:guitar: you could have a look at some theory, Justin gives you 3 free lessons, or if you’ve subscribed, there are many more.
:guitar: Write a song based on the chords and chord progressions you’ve already learned.
:guitar: Improve your timing and rhythm by clapping and singing to a metronome. Justin has an excellent Time Trainer and there are heaps of online metronomes.
:guitar: Do some singing practice. You’ll get free lessons with Chris Liepe on his YT channel.

Wishing you a speedy recovery and return to music.


Thank you Maggie! I really appreciate your kind words!

Indeed I could have done something of all that. I could still start doing them now I guess.
My problem so far was not just physical but also mental. I’m still struggling to find the motivation to do anything. I’ve even given up on my reading not just guitar playing…
But today, it was as if something changed and with a bit of help from the music I played it felt like my mind woke up again :blush:


Lefteris, it sounds like you are/were mentally where I was a few weeks ago, after breaking my wrist in a motorcycle crash. I wrote a post about the inspiration I gained from hearing about Walter Trout, who had worse problems and came back from it, here is a link to it

I hope you find your enthusiasm again!



Firstly glad to hear you are recovering that’s the main thing. Also wonderful that your desire to play is returning and the old mojo is resurfacing. Take your time and ease into things and I am sure you will soon be back on track.



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Very helpful Ian! Thank you for sharing that.
It really helps.
Indeed, it seems we’ve been through a very similar range of thoughts and emotions.
I am glad we are both making it to the other side!!

How is your wrist doing now?
My injury wasn’t broken bones, it was ruptured tendons. Still though, an operation is an operation so we share that pain!

Again, thank you for sharing your story and Walter’s too. It does give me strength!!

Thank you Toby.

Yes, that’s what I started realising. I need to take it easy. Easier said than done as I usually had high expectations from myself but realising now that… It is what it is and I should take it easy.

Thanks for the support!!:heart_eyes:

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Hi Lefteris,
Batwoman gave some sound advice, I’d also advise you to listen to music, a lot. Explore new things, be curious, be amazed. When I lost the tip of my left index finger in 2015 I thought it was all over, that was literally the first thing that crossed my mind “done with music”. But here we are, and I still play the guitar! I’ve been exploring open tunings, without using that index finger. Maybe you could try slide, guitar on your lap or so, just a thought…
I sincerely hope you’ll find your way back to that lovely lady :wink:


Hi John!

It’s amazing how many shared experiences we can find in this community! I love this. Community in the true sense of the word!

Indeed, I started listening to music again these days, perhaps that helped too. I played a little more today, standing instead of sitting as I find standing easier now. I guess that’s what I could explore, play standing more often as it’s not quite the same as playing sitting!
Slide guitar… I’ve seen that in videos… I thought it’s too advanced for me but in my condition at the moment I could gove it a try, it’s a nice idea!

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Glad to hear you are recovering and regaining the mojo to play, John!

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We find ourselves in ups and downs in that “engine”. What works for me is stepping on the gas and blow out some black smoke out of the exhaust… by focussing on expression.

Ă€ good way to feel lighter when feeling down is a good talk, because you had a chance to express.

I do that in music as well; with some bluesy noodling or some real sincere singing while digging deep within myself to express it.

This generates at least “something” that I will hear and feel and react upon… the action-reaction chain starting up again…

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Hi Lefteris, just wanted to encourage you a little bit. As someone who had to manage 3 serious knee injuries in 2013, 2015 and 2018, including 3 cruciate ligaments and multiple other injuries with rehab for months up to one year each time, I just wanted to say, that there is a way back. Sitting around and beeing unable to move is a real burden for mental health. As soon as you get back your mobility, things change and your motivation for everything comes back for sure. Give yourself the time to come back to whatever enlighten your day, without any pressure. Maybe, it is just listening to music, or it is something totally different. Be attentive, your guitar sits right close to you, you’ve already heard her voice again and someday everything will be on its place again :wink:

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Thank you David!

I see what you mean. I’d love to be able to do that. One lf the reasons I picked up the guitar!

Talking does help. I can’t complain about that to be honest.

Thank you for the support Lieven!

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You nailed it.
Not only sitting around but not being able to even get myself a glass of water… So, you knkw how that is.

I’m starting to understand what you mean. It’s a long journey but I do believe you!

Thank you the encouragement Andrea!

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