Getting rid of jitters part 2 - Imagine

As mentioned in another post, I am going to a family reunion in May and this second post is to help me get rid of jitters which I always get when playing on front of people. I hope you enjoy my interpretation of Imagine by the Beatles. Comments welcomed.


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I’m not one to tell you how you should feel but from my perspective, don’t feel nervous. That was wonderful. Great finger picking, loved it all.

Enjoy the reunion. I’m sure the guests will.

That sounded really lovely Denis, no need for the jitters, it was pure joy to listen to :slight_smile:

That was absolutely magnificent. Don’t be nervous. I loved it. Everyone who hears it will love it.

I am enjoying this arrangement tremendously.
Keep on playing.
I love your interpretation.
Before, you know it, May is upon us, keep on playing, and it will become natural and even more smoother.
I am so excited for you.
Break a leg!

Lovely. I listened to your other one as well.

You might want to think about amplification for your family reunion, depending how big your family is. Acoustic fingerstyle can be quiet without it.

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That was fabulous Denis, I’m favouring fingerstyle myself in my practice at the moment and I’ve a long way to go, this is something for me to aspire to. Great work!

That was terrific Denis, complex playing in there and sounded spot on to me. Is this a song you’re planning on playing specifically at the reunion?

Beautifully played Denis, you’ll be a wow at the reunion. I echo JK’s thought re amplification. Finger style is very quiet and reunions are very noisy!

That was great.

I also loved the “Yeah… check me out” nod to the camera at 2:05 :slight_smile:

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Very sexy interpretation there. Loved it and could listen to it all day everyday. Fupp the begrudgers. Play like no one is watching.

Actually, I just purchased a BOSS Acoustic Singer Live amp. This amp was plugged in my computer for this recording. Still have to get familiarized with it.

Yes it is one of the three songs I am planning to play. What a Wonderful World which is in my first post is one of the other. As for the third one, I am working on two songs but haven’t decided which one it will be.

That was wonderful, and real, straight up accoustic vibe. Well done.

I’ve just looked this amp up Denis. Looks a terrific bit of kit. You’re certainly all sorted for the reunion.

Great job, you won’t have any problems. Just relax and play. I hope you have a good time at your reunion.

I’m with you on the nerves Denis but your playing is wonderful and I’m sure you are going to smash it. The whole family are going to enjoy it.

Enjoy your reunion.