Getting worse rather than better, should I go electric?

Top tip from @Dave999 :+1:

You do realise that you’ve set off my GAS again, seeing that and the price it is……….dooohhhh

We all live on a hair trigger. One small spark and all that GAS just ignites!

Look on Reverb….:wink:

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Always go electric, that’s real guitar playing!
(j/k - or maybe not :slight_smile: )


:rofl: that’s the second comment that could incite quite a debate today (the first was a comment about 90s music). And again I shall not take the bait :grin:


I must be weird - I’ve got two steel string acoustics, a nylon acoustic, and an electric. I have a terrible time with the electric. Strings are too close together and I press too hard and end up pushing both the high and low e strings off the edge of the fretboard. I find the acoustics much more forgiving of my clumsy finger placement. Honestly I don’t know how people with large fingers manage to play electric - my fingers are on the smallish side and I feel crowded on the electric. Maybe if I had started on the electric instead of picking it up after a few months on the acoustic steel-string.

It is all what you are used to. I notice the same thing. I play electric at night, with headphones to be quiet and on weekends when I play my steel string, which I prefer, it is much more difficult. Then by Monday night, my fingers are feeling all crowded when I go back to electric.

Now I have a nylon string. We will see how that messes me up!

Seems like I should have every type of guitar going and play whatever frame of mind I am in. Piano lessons on the horizon.