Ghosty tune xD

Hi folks,

Here I post a little tune I recorded yesterday with the guitar and the keyboard with a catchy drum backing track.

I was remembering the last halloween, when there was a party in my village (for the children and those no that young, you know) and, amongst some other stuff they did, they hung “ghosts” from the phone cable line, really, reeaaally close to my study’s window. So when I finished dinner, I went to read something and, as I opened the door, I saw these weird flying guys that scared me for a second till I remembered who they were😂

So I took them some photos and they inspired me to play this thing which is happy and, at the same time, weird and naughty in its particular way.

Hope you enjoy it and if not, you can let me know what you think I could’ve tried to do to make it sound better (advice is always appreciated).

Have a nice weekend but… beware the ghosts! :grin:


That was a nice composition José. Well done on both guitar and keyboard playing. Great story as well.

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Hahaha it would have scared the hell out of me! Nice nice tune indeed! Bravo :blush:

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