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You’ve evidently not done price comparisons with SA :sob:

Hi david,
And what if, for example, I buy a pedal here and send it to you, or are the shipping costs so high that it is not worth it? Or does that not work with private individuals and banks? Or ? I don’t know (that became clear to Brian a while ago :upside_down_face:)…but if you know, tell me/ask,it’s a challenge that I like :smiley:

USA guitars are way more expensive in UK than USA. We pay same in GBP as Americans pay In dollars :smiling_face_with_tear:

It’s 81p per us dollar at the moment and you have 20% vat so…

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…so it’s way more expensive :-1:

no. that was my point. between usd-> gbp and vat you get to 97% of the same price.

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@roger_holland Rogier, I’ve a feeling that I did look into what it would cost to buy from say Thomann and ship. And I think the shipping costs included make the prices comparable. And of course there is the risk of non-delivery, either through theft or just getting lost in the ‘system’.

Hi @DavidP


Oh, that seems like a very uncomfortable feeling to me (and everyone I think )… these are those moments when I should be happy (accept) that I live in the Netherlands and not in South Africa or any other beautiful country for that matter … comfort/and the great beauty of nature too, … comes with a price… in miniature form you can also find very beautiful things here if you have an eye for it, … but a highway or apartment building is almost everywhere around the corner.

I hoped for you that if you packed a box and not clearly visible with, for example, Thomann on it, it would definitely arrive … my wife sends stuff all over the world (mostly in the Netherlands / Belgium / Germany, but also 1x to South Africa, but not stuff that is interesting for many people, and that makes a difference of course… good luck :sunglasses:


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