Giveaway: BOSS Waza-Air

Hey everyone! :slight_smile:
Hope you’re all doing great!

Just a quick note to say Justin & BOSS are giving away a pair of the BOSS Waza-Air headphones amp, and you can enter the draw here until March 21, 2023.

:information_source: We’re sorry, but please note this giveaway is limited to European residents.

Good luck to everyone - and if you don’t know that headphones amplifier yet, Justin has a full video about it! Check it out here.




So, UK residents are excluded too? :joy:
Sorry, couldn’t help it :joy:

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Based on my limited knowledge of geography, the UK is still part of the continent Europe, so should be included. Now if it had said European Union residents …

:rofl: sorry, I too couldn’t help it.

Now I can imagine a give away for North American residents in future, maybe Australasia. But do wonder if there’ll ever be one for African residents :rofl:


That’s what it did say…
Sorry, I couldn’t help it either :rofl:


We get nuffin down here from the world ever. We’re used to it, and it’s just the way we like it…:crazy_face:


Did someone change it ? Thought it just said Europe in the email.

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It’s all been sorted :smiley:

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You got yourselves some spanking new nuclear submarines, don’t complain :joy::joy:
(that’s a joke eh…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


@brianlarsen I did subsequently see the replies about the Union.

Glad we could all have a laugh over this.

Good luck to our European members … may the unluckiest member win (because they generally don’t win, not because of the BOSS Waza-Air being undesirable)

Sorry, still can’t help it.

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Wasn’t there a giveaway like this last year? But it was US only? I am pretty sure us yanks got our due. I hold no grudges.

My brother lives in Vienna and I got him to enter. But it would be for him. He is learning electric and will spend next winter in a small beach house in northern Latvia with his wife. He NEEDS this to maintain marital stability.

Does the prize include the ‘bunnet’? :joy: :joy:
Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 13.31.37


I had a chuckle at the bonnet there too Ian! A cute touch :rofl:


Mate. Don’t get me started on that abomination of a topic. It’s been a running joke for many years in this country…:nerd_face::crazy_face:

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We just get the option of paying full price… at a price more than everyone else it seems! (Except the kiwis, they’d be more expensive there)

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$599 oz, or $645nz

or look, $899 here…

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Exactly :joy:

Amazon(uk) have them for £290 or $570nz…

Did anybody else think this when they saw the name?


Yeah, I cant see the real value in this over an amp plug - like my little Nux MightyPlug, which is pretty awesome for $120. Only diff is a headphone cable which is nothing.
I suppose its marketed to an audience with more disposable income than myself. Good luck to whoever wins it though. Probably a great unit.