Giveaway: Free Strings from D'Addario!

Hey there!

D’Addario is giving Justin’s students 100 guitar string sets to celebrate their World String Change Day! You can enter the giveaway here.

And in case you missed it - Justin’s just uploaded a lesson comparing different Acoustic Guitar Strings from D’Addario. :slight_smile:

We hope you enjoy it!


Hello Laryne, I just tried to fill in the form, but it seems that to participate you have to be a resident of the US, Canada, UK, or Germany. Is that right?

Yes - that’s right! I apologize I didn’t include this in the announcement here!

Shame no French freebies then ? :frowning_face:

Nothing for us colonials downunder either, but it looks like D’Addario are running the giveaway, so it’s probably out of Justin’s hands.

Appears it’s only “Selected Northern Hemisphere D’Addario String Change Day”. :rofl:
Those D’Addario Auto Locks Straps are great though.

Cheers, Shane

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I watched this yesterday, the sound of the XS string sounded great to me, really bright. I thought they were the standard uncoated. S I ordered some. :slight_smile:


Well this quite large box was delivered today that we weren’t expecting, of course I was accused of buying something, i was informed it had my name on the box and came from D add, D’add, oh I don’t know.
on opening I found a set of XS acoustic strings via a media influencer, free of charge.
So these things are worth entering I only gave up information they already have.
Another reason to be thankful to Justin.
Hopefully some of you others will be getting packages too.


Congratulations, Phil, on this nice little present :smiley::bouquet:!
These are exactly the strings, I put on my acoustic yesterday evening (after buying them :hugs:).

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So what do you think, Nicole? Do you like the sound & feel of the new strings?


Congrats @philsmith!

Always hilarious when a tiny thing comes in a giant box

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@jkahn maybe they come with a big sound :wink:


Nice one Phil :+1:


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Congratulations Phil. I was actually thinking of trying these strings out as the reviews are really good. Enjoy!

Yes, I do. The former ones were Elixir 12 gauge. This is the first time I used 11 gauge strings. I have the impression that they are a bit easier to play. Feeling and sound is fine - but, to be honest, I don’t care too much anyway :sweat_smile: .

Congratulations @philsmith !

Man, you got your gold ticket :partying_face: :raised_hands:, pick any guitar/gear you want and all you have to do is shout “thank you Fender/PRS /etc” when you(good planning )see the box together :laughing:

(and a separate bank account of course :roll_eyes:)

I already devised a system how we can send strings to each other and then celebrate NGD every day (there is still a small hole in my plan :blush:)


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What are the odds? My calendar says “Change acoustic strings” and a set of strings shows up on my porch! Thanks JG!…Rod