Glad to join the community

Hi all, I’m a complete noob 47 years old and only picked up a guitar and played my first note a week ago. Inspired by my 10 year old son who wants to learn guitar. I was thrilled and wanted to support him by getting him a guitar but then thought why don’t I give it a go too. Maybe we can learn together.
What a great site this is. I’m quite stunned at just how much content is available for free. As a Dad to 3 kids with all the bills etc that go with it I really couldn’t afford to join a $30-40/month subscription course
Anyway enough rambling. I’ve started module one and over the last 3 nights have got to the point of A&D one minute changes and can feel real progress moving from 12,13 to 18,19 in a couple of goes. I know Justin says aim for 60 but also realize this will take dedication and patience.


Welcome Dean,

Yes it is indeed a unique community Justin has created; and based on a model that provides enormous amounts of free content. Even Justins paid content is extremely well priced.

Enjoy your journey mate. You’re in for a great ride here if you stick around a while. Brilliant tuition, and a ‘real’ community here that you dont really find online much, in any area of life. Reach out here any time; a lot of folks here with plenty of experience, and a willingness to help.

Cheers, Shane

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Ah yes, I remember those days, just over a year ago I was at the same point having never held a guitar before, either. :sweat_smile: Welcome, Dean, it’s a great place and you will learn much and be able to play songs soon as long as you stick with it!

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Welcome to the forum Dean

Welcome Dean. :slight_smile:
This requires a lot of patience and dedication, but it is also very rewarding! Keep at it and enjoy the ride.

Welcome Dean! Great move to pick up the guitar together with your son! I wish you lots of enjoyable practice hours and hopefully you can jam together soon!

Welcome Dean. I wish you and your son many years of happiness with your new hobby :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Dean,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

Hey thanks for the replies, it certainly seems like you’re a friendly bunch around here and yes I intend to stick around, I’ve spent too many years being amazed at people who can just pick up and play at a party etc. Let’s go!

Hi Dean, welcome to the community. The good news is that Justin says in module 1 that you are ready to learn a new chord in Module 2 when you can play the OMC for A and D 30 times in a minute. You will get more practice playing A and D in module 2. Have fun leaning to play the guitar and eventually jamming with your son.

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Hey Dean, welcome to the community. You’ve got a great head start on me, I didn’t start till I was in my early 50s, and now, well over a decade later I’m so glad I stayed with it as it’s just great to be able to play songs on the guitar anywhere any time. Look forward to hearing more from you.

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Oh really, that’s nice to hear. I can’t help thinking I should’ve done this tears ago. It’s such a great site and nice community. Everyone is so supportive not just of me but everyone. It’s not always the case on the old internet is it

Welcome! There is no time like the present to start learning. It is like they say about the best two times to plant a tree. 30 years ago and now. Well 30 years ago is water under the bridge, so glad you are here now!

Hopefully you are able to encourage or inspire your son to play and stay with it. Save him the feeling you have of wishing he had. Just remember, like asking and many other things, don’t get discouraged when your kid gets so much better than you so much faster. Kids are like that…

I started guitar at a time that I hoped would have encouraged my daughter to keep playing her violin. I failed at that, but still am on my guitar journey after 3+ years.

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Oh I’ve no doubt he’ll be better than me, kids are blessed with time to get obsessed aren’t they. He’s already a budding Euphonium player at school. I’m loving the journey and can feel real progress after only a few nights.

Great! Even though I failed to encourage my daughter’s musical development, I am glad I have stuck with it. It is becoming a valuable part of my life.

What better to do with our time in the modern age? TV? No way. Video games? Ok, but not all the time. Reading is good, but passive, as is listening to music.

Sure there are lots of other good hobbies that expand our bodies and minds, but music is an excellent and fundamental life process.

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Funny you say that, I am (or was) a keen gamer. But I have two friends who play guitar at work. one very accomplished playing in bands and one decent hobby player. The hobbyist said “I’d love to get better but can’t seem to” to which the band member replied " if you spent as much time practicing your guitar as you do fannying about on those games, you’d be brilliant" that really struck a chord with me so the little money I had saved towards a new console promptly went on a guitar and here I am.


Keep at it. It takes time. Also if you can get the song app and learn to play simple songs slowly. It really helped my playing. And now I know how to play a bunch of songs up to speed. The first song I learned how to play was For what it’s worth. Enjoy the journey!

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Welcome Dean, what a fantastic opportunity to grow your playing skills with your son. If either of you need help just shout, you won’t go wrong with Justin program and this community as back up.

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I’ve been chipping away with a song at the end of practice sessions, “Knockin on heavens door” nowhere near it yet but I will get there


Check any local music clubs. Besides the great community here, I found an acoustic music club near me that had regular jams and open mics. Learned heaps there and made plenty of friends. A very encouraging environment.

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