GNS - April 2022 - Nightwish - Nightwish (Demo)

So, this was on my mind for a long time. I was thinking of recording Lappi of theirs, but then I realized that they have (checks his song-book), ah, yes, Admin7 chord thrown in to the mix, which is for the time being more cumbersome for me to do than B7 chord. So, maybe down the line, somewhere in to the future, because only the lead melody is kinda boring to hear that “tin-tintin-tin di-tin-tin-tintin” throughout the whole thing…

Anyways, it’s not a pristine perfect cover, but its more or less the best that I can do right now. What was interesting about this song was that it was played with two acoustic folk guitars and a flute accompanying. Naturally, since I’m only one person, so I covered the left guitar part, which is intro, verses and choruses. The intro part of the song is mostly played by arpegiating Am chord (and its open strings variation as if it was an Am chord) and a bit of Cm pentatonic scale thrown in to the mix at the end (3 1 3 1 0 on the high e string and 1 on the G string). EDIT: and, now, come to think of it, I know where I did a mistake, I was plucking the first fret of the B string where it was supposed to be the G string at the end. Well, well, well, the more you see in hindsight while really reading through what you have written down… Okey, so, maybe next week I’m gonna post the proper version then, but even with this mistake it still sounds nice to my ears.

A couple of weeks back, when I started this song, the most troubles I had was during the choruses parts when it was using Cm pentatonic scale. My fingers had troubles repositioning them and not muting the respective strings (e.g., e: 3, B: 1, G: 2, e: 3, B: 1 and 3. So, my finger most of the time tended to mute the B string at the end of the lick). Now, while playing through, it did not mute… other three times of the choruses xD Well, its a progress more or less.

So, here’s a sound-cloud link.


Ah, nice to see some Nightwish in here! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Got in before @DarrellW :rofl:

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The start of something big! Tuomas and Tarja!
I love the voices of Tarja and Floor but not so much Annette, I think that maybe she was too ‘raw’ for them!
I’d not heard that track before, it was interesting to look at the original to see what it was like, very stripped back and quiet enjoyable.
It’s not an easy one to try and cover without any backing, I think that you did well bearing that in mind.
My favourite track is Ghost love score, especially with Floor singing it :love_you_gesture:t2::love_you_gesture:t2:


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Sounds like a challenging one, well done! :guitar:

This will be a really cool song to track your progress. It will be fun to listen to future recordings and see how your skills evolve. Keep posting your progress. :slight_smile:

You sound already very aware of areas to improve. I’d propose to also try slowing down the tempo and trying to make smoother chord transitions without pauses. Even if that adds some extra mistakes, it might sound cooler without pauses because it will flow better. At least that’s what I remember from Justin’s lessons. :smiley:

Yeah, I understand what you mean about pauses, but so far playing without pauses is a thing for very very long road down the line. Even with chord transitions, for example, on Em to C or Em to (full) G, even though they are relatively fast, but I can still hear a slight pause when playing recordings of my playing.

I was thinking of compensating the pauses with simply letting the last string to ring out longer while I reposition my fingers, so there would be some sort of note accompanying the in between note.

Yeah, this song and a couple of other songs (Return to the Sea, Forever Moments and Etainien) was added ten years from release in reissued editions of the first album. I think, more or less, this is B sides or what they originally wrote, but decided not to use, because all of the songs are very folk like.

But this is the whole point of Symphonic metal, it tells a story rather that being like a ballad; Thomas is an excellent composer not to be confused with songwriters.

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Well, to be fair, their first album was more of a power-metal type mixed in with acoustic metal (acoustic folk (e.g., The Carpenter or Angels Fall First songs)). Their roots of symphonic voice was in Ocenaborn, their second album.

Great to see Nightwish being played, my favourite band. Dragged my husband to see them live, I don’t think he was impressed :rofl:


Very interesting and challenging piece. I assume you are reading while playing it? I would suggest you work each individual section very slowly until you have them memorized, then keep at it very slowly with a metronome. I think you will get it all down. As someone else mentioned I think it will be a really nice piece to track your progress.

Thanks for sharing, Aurimas. Sounding good as you have it. Just keep up the practice to clean up the odd little moments. Well done.

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Not necessarily, I mean, I can do it without looking at the tabs, since I know the melody how it goes. Just I think that sometimes I miscalculate and instead of 4 verses do 3 verses, hence 20 second difference between original 5:50 and my 5:33. And, yeah, while replaying it again, yeah, there was once that I made 3 verses instead of 4.

Which performance did you go to Emma?
My favourite one to watch is the 2013 Wacken concert where Floor stepped in when Annette was ill a few months before but for this concert she only had 48 hours to learn the full set! Tuomas made a very good choice with her when he asked her to join the band permanently!

It was the 4th November 2012 at the O2 Apollo in Manchester. It was the first time I had seen a speaker used as a drum. They were fabulous.


i’m amazed that there are so many Nightwish fans in here, did not expect to see that.

And offcourse he made the right choice, floor is amazing :slight_smile:


Aha, so you saw Floor when she was temporarily with them? You would still have seen my favourite song, Nightwish Ghost Love Score. O2 Apollo Manchester 4.11.12. - YouTube
That was absolutely epic, but she did change the end a bit for Wacken 2013, it was a better ending imo.

I was also once at their concert, but this was way back in 2007-2008 during their Dark Passion Play worldtour. And back then I did not know that they replaced Tarja, so I was very confused: “Wait, who is this woman?” :smiley: And then after a couple of years they replaced Annette, and I did not came back to the band till 2018 or so, when by chance noticed that they are still alive and have some good new material.

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