GNS - April 2023 - Jon Bon Jovi - Every word was a piece of my heart [Acoustic]

Hey, guys, so it’s been a couple of weeks since my last post here. Before moving on to the final modules in Grade 2, decided to record one of the earliest songs I’ve learnt. Jon Bon Jovi’s “Every word was a piece of my heart” from the solo album “Destination Anywhere”. It’s a simplified acoustic version with chords being used: D major, A major, G major and E minor 7 with a strumming pattern of DD-UU-DU.


You continue to make good progress, Aurimas, the playing sounded good and the performance had a good vibe and feel about it. Keep on keeping on!

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Hello Aurimas, congratulations on your new AVOYP :clap:. The strumming sounds really steady with clean chord changes. It might be a bit faster played than the original, but was maybe intended :slightly_smiling_face:. Also your singing is definitely improving :+1:. I know how hard it is to concentrate on playing and singing simultaneously. This needs so much practice. You even put a lot of feeling into your voice - that‘s great :star_struck:.
I‘m looking forward to hearing more from you :smiley:.

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That was very good Aurimas and you are making great progress. I also agree with Nicole, your singing is improving.

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Hi Aurimus.

That was a nice and even melody. Maybe try a different strumming pattern for verse vs chorus. Easier said then done considering I need to do the same for my songs. From one Bon Jovi fan to another…an idea to consider is any other day. The whole song is just D-G-Bm-A that strumming pattern would probably work well too. Nice job


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Thanks, I’ll try the song whence I start learning Bm chord :wink: That might be in a faaaaaar future, though. :smiley: