GNS - May 2023 - Rainbow - Temple of the King (Acoustic) + Power Chords messing

Hello, everyone, while I’m still trying to master the Open 7th chords, thought that I’d do an audio-visual that I’ve placed on a back-burner for a half a year, I think, since I started practising this song.

So, I’m back with another potato quality audio-visual of my rendition :rofl:, which was a long time coming, of Rainbow - Temple of the King. In it, I included lead melody lines and solo, however, adjusted them for acoustic guitar (so there are no ringing out for a couple of seconds notes with vibrato. At best, it will be a second of let it ring when needed). The chords used were: C, G, Dm, Am, F, E and Em. The strumming pattern through-out was usual DDU-UD-DUDU (damn, at least I hope it was :rofl:. )

Power chord messing: GNS - May 2023 - Rainbow - Temple of the King (Acoustic) + Power Chords messing - #7 by GNS


Nice Aurimas! Love this song - I bought the album when it first came out, but haven’t heard this song for ages till now!

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Hello Aurimas, and thanks for posting your next AVOYP.
Again, there is some really nice and steady strumming. And great to try mixing it with single note picking. I’m also working on this technique. No easy thing to do, particularly while singing simultaniously.
Lots of practice is needed for it. Keep on the good work :smiley:.

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Thanks, you’re right it ain’t easy. Took me months to not sound horrible with single notes + speaking/singing (then again, I only spend like 10-15 min. a day, if only I had the time :smiley: )

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Good stuff there Aurimas, your mixing between strumming and picking was nice. Not an easy thing to do.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey, guys, so, today, I was messing around with a bunch of songs in my notebook and decided to do them differently. Take, Nighwish ‘Bare, Grace, Misery’ (and that particular version of a song is more of a campfire song really), for simple acoustic strumming with open chords and some barre chord mixed in, and instead of open/barre chords, let’s say, do power chords. So, for example, instead Am - C - G - Am etc., go with A5 - C5 - G5 - A5 etc., and some sort of different strumming pattern. For example, if this was an acoustic campfire song, I’d play all of it with D-DUDU. Here, decided to play as DX-DX-DDD (because, why not, and I liked it). Anyway, long story short, any advices, observations or anything really would be appreciated.

What I, personally noticed, is that when going from A5 (DX-DX-DDD) to C5 (DX-DX), I either only target the 5th string or I target both 5th and 4th string, but my finger perhaps mutes the latter, because the sound coming out from the amp is kinda week at that particular transition. Also, my pick… um, doesn’t matter how hard or not hard I’d hold it, while playing, it always changes position in the middle somewhere (from vertical to horizontal). Any advice there what should be done?

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