GNS - October 2022 - Marilyn Mason - Sweet Dreams - plus The Scorpions - White Dove

Hey, guys, so I haven’t been here for a while. Had my own stuff going on, plus kept switching between E. Clapton’s “Cocaine”, Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” and this song. And decided to record a take of M. Manson’s “Sweet Dreams” (which is a metal cover of Eurythmics song). After re-hearing it, there are improvements along the way to be made (mainly faster power chord changes when going from 6-5-4 to 5-4-3 strings; plus, I really need to get my acoustic looked at by a professional, because those string vibrations are kinda annoying to hear). I chose acoustic, because I thought it will be simpler and less “muck ups”, because on electric, when practising this song, I also practice alternate pickings when playing the riffs (and sometimes I play different strings than the ones needed. That’s another thing I have to work on when playing electric), and for about almost two years I have been using my fingers to play guitar, so, it’s easier than playing with a pick (but I’m getting there). Maybe, next week, I’m gonna post an electric guitar version.

Await your opinions and feedback.


The Scorpions - White Dove: GNS - October 2022 - Marilyn Mason - Sweet Dreams - plus The Scorpions - White Dove - #14 by GNS


Hi Aurimas. Not bad at all. It sounds like you are still working on this. The tune was definitely recognizable. Speed comes with time. Thanks for sharing.

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Yeah, I’m still working on it (among other songs). Polishing things here and there. Trying to make it sound decent. This take was after week of practising for maybe 4-10 minutes per day.

EDIT: still have to somehow seemlesly transition from the riff to power chords. Decided to end the riff with hammer-on using my ring and pinky fingers, so it would be faster transition to G#5. But still my brain sort-of freezes like “what now?” :smiley: Though, it’s a bit faster than using my index and middle fingers.

Hi Aurimas, very recognisable. You’re on your way with this great song. Keep going.

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Hi Aurimas,

Sounds good to me.
Clean picking.
Speed and flow come with familiarity.


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Thank you all for your kind words :slight_smile: In about a week, gonna post another take (maybe with an electric) without any effects.

Sounded good. What did you record with? Seem to me like you kept good tempo throughout. But I am only a beginner. Only thing I can recommend is To listen to what the advanced players say they know what they’re talking about and have always given me good advice.

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Sounding good, Aurimas, keep working at it and you’ll soon polish up those aspects that you are not satisfied with.

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Recorded it with my phone :smiley:

Nicely done Aurimas. Steady rhythm there and very recognisable.

Hi Aurimas, your playing is noticeably improving.

I’d encourage you to play with a drum track or backing track, slow it down if you need to. I noticed your timing varied throughout the riff - sometimes ahead, sometimes behind.

Getting used to a pick takes time, just practice it a lot, slowly. Same as riff to power chords transitions. Just repeat the transition over, and over, and over again. Instead of playing the full song through, zero in on that area and repeat x 100. You will get faster.

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Thanks for the advice. Will do that.

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So, after whole lot of tries within the last few days, finally managed to get a take, which is half way decent. I played this song on electric (and, while looking through the tabs, I’ve noticed that, when I played it on acoustic, I missed one ending note of the riff all the time. Now, it’s close to the original) guitar, with alternate picking (down-up). That pick-use gave me the most grief on that riff. BUT, finally, after a couple of days, dozens of playthroughs, and dozens of scale exercises, I’ve managed. There are still improvements to be made (mainly, on two-string power chord crossings; and I think towards the end I might have sped a lil’ bit with the riff, but by then I was fed up with it already), but I’ll leave those when I get back to this song after playing through other power chord songs. For now, to me, this is good enough. What I did manage was faster transitions form the riff to the power chords.

Was in a mood for some acoustic, and decided to play something familiar… so, here’s White Dove. Decided to add a little lick in the beginning and instead of the solo section to not make it totally boring.


You are doing well, Aurimas, the playing was smooth and steady throughout, sounding good. Keep on keeping on.

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You are making real progress Aurimas. Keep up the good work. Nice clean playing.:sunglasses:

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thanks, guys :slight_smile:

Solid playing there Aurimas, as others have said, making good progress. Guess I only know a couple of the Scorpions songs so no comparisons or critique from me. Enjoyed intro and solo, well done.


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Thanks. I don’t know much of their songs either, I only remembered this one, because a local theatre group in the eighties or nineties covered it in Lithuanian language (of course, the message of the song differed). It’s one thing to have an interpretation of a song with open chords and simple strumming pattern, it’s quite another to play it as they play. :slight_smile: Yah, looking through the tabs, whole song is in finger style :smiley:

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That was good stuff Aurimas.

The only Scorpions song I know is Wind of change but I enjoyed your cover of this one.

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