Goals for 2024 (guitar plus life in general)

My goals for this year are:

  1. Guitar related - Carry on practicing every day, progress grade 3 and learn more songs!

  2. Non guitar related - To learn British Sign Language as I may need it in the future :slight_smile: BSL will be taught in schools from September 2025.


I like your suggestion of layering when it comes to singing and playing. It’s much like the approach I’ve taken to playing generally (practice the chords, learn the rhythm with muted strings etc) so I have confidence that with patience it can work.

Good luck with your goals too. Modest goals are achievable goals and if you have them all ticked off by April you can always add more.

I’m excited! School of Rock for adults :smile:

I think for me on the guitar front it is…

1, deep dive into the blues.
2, perfect 10 campfire songs.
3, make sure I do my 1 hour practice every day.

On the non guitar front, I was made redundant 2 weeks before Christmas so it is to find another job.


Good luck on the job front, hope you find something soon

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Thanks Matt, hopefully something will come along.

Good plan on the guitar front! Sorry to hear about the unintentional challenge to find a new job. Good luck Stefan!

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A few guitar goals for '24;

  1. Complete my 2 Blues coursebooks, and have at a minimum, intermediate+ level competency in all the contents. ( Am about 1/3 way there after 6 months, so on track).

  2. Continue to learn Blues songs, solos, arrangements etc to expand on the above.

  3. Continue to develop 2 hand synchronisation, alt, economy, and hybrid picking techniques

  4. Continue with theory studies, and practical application.

General life goals;

One overarching, and serious, endeavour this year; to be considerably more forthright against nonsense, and less tolerant of fools - diplomatically of course. :nerd_face:. ( not required in this great community).

Cheers, Shane


Guitar Goals

  • Play Each Day That I Am Home, Even If Just Some Songs
  • Be Able To Impromptu Sit-In On Easy Campfire Songs
  • Be Well Into Intermediate Grade 4 By The End of the Year
  • Sing Songs While Playing
  • Join Some Sort of Local Jam Group or Other Regular Meeting Group
  • Enjoy the Above Process

Non-Guitar Goals

  • Continue with Weight and BJJ Training
  • Enter Three BJJ Competitions
  • Use the Above to Gain Control of My Body Composition
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@jkahn I am looking to meet some locals as well. How are you going to go about that, look on the board at the local music stores?

@LievenDV I recently read Atomic Habits. I’m a lifelong reader and I had not come across this book, how did that happen? I’ve implemented some of the techniques and they are paying off already. In about a month I’m going to re-read the book to learn more and go deeper. I’ve considered getting the audiobook, what did you think about it?

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I think you nailed it here with some good ones.

The problem with resolutions is they’ve got a bad name and possibly rightly so because they’re typically unrealistic/unsustainable. I didn’t do them for years because I thought they were a waste of breath but I look at them differently now. There’s no harm making an honest assessment of our lives and seeing how we can move things forward in some small way. The turn of the year is as good a time as any to do this.

I have no problem calling my Jan 1 Goals “Resolutions” as I know what they actually are. I support others who even make desperate resolutions as they may be lost and are reaching out for SOMETHING to make changes in their lives. Here and there, it works. We know those that do this without some sort of resolve and plan normally fail, but hey … sometimes they don’t. I personally have made wishful resolutions that were doomed to fail, but if I didn’t make them, I would have given up before I had started, and that is even worse in my mind.

I still refer to it on a daily basis and I notice coaches in different domains seem to do so as well.

I’ve taken some valuable principles from it.
“Something only becomes a habit by actually DOING it”.
Sounds so simple but I try to practices the “showing up and doing the reps”

This post even takes some ocntent from it directly :smiley:

Local facebook groups & yeah, the local music shop. My kids get piano lessons there (a recent thing) so I’m there quite a bit.

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I’ve had great success using Meetup.com
There are 6+ different Guitar Jam groups in my area (I’ve been to 3 so far).

Hey Stefan, sorry about your job being made redundant. What an awful time for it too! Hope you find another good one soon :sunflower:
Love your guitar goals :slight_smile:

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@Helen0609 @Avalon426

Thank you Andrea and Jasmine. I’m sure something out there has got my name on it. :slight_smile:


I have also found that Facebook and Meetup are good places to look.

I just started attending a Song Circle type group that is explicitly beginner friendly…and it really seems to be taking my playing to the next level!

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Based on a comment like yours above, I just joined a reasonably local folk song circle that welcomes beginners. I’ve asked “how does this work” and I’m sure they will respond. I’ll jump in, stuff a sock in my f-hole, and have at it. I’ve heard over and over that playing with others is the main catalyst for improvement, and I believe it, so we shall see!

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