Good acoustic songs with picking (using a pick)

Hi peeps!

I am currently looking for songs recommendations which involves a lot of picking (with a pick!). I am quite proficient with fingerstyle but I am pretty sloppy with using a pick since I’ve never really dedicated an extended period of time to learning to use the pick. I am wondering if there are any acoustic guitar songs that use a lot of picking. Some songs I am working through includes Paint it Black, Californication, as well as Behind Blue Eyes.

Any recommendations will be helpful for me

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Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd to name but one of theirs for starters. Nice pattern as well !


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I have a few ideas (songs that I play, or at least pretend to play):

Songs that have some riffage or melody picked out, but also have strumming:

  • Needle and the Damage Done
  • Hey, Hey, My, My (or maybe it’s My, My, Hey, Hey)
  • Ripple
  • Friend of the Devil
  • Kodachrome

Songs that have a basic picking pattern played with a pick:

  • Wonderful Tonight

Country flatpicking-type songs:

  • Wildwood Flower

Hi Martin, I’m not yet proficient with finger style, though I am better with it than I am with a pick. I’ve also been working on my picking…a song to add to your list is Everybody Hurts. Justin’s lesson is finger style, but I’m fairly sure Peter Buck played it with a pick.

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Good Riddance - Green Day … Justin’s lesson on YT , some hybrid flatpicking.

Billy in the Lowground - Trad … A Bluegrass flatpicking tune that will get your alternate picking accuracy up to speed, (plenty on YT but this one will get you started on basics of the tune).


Here Comes the Sun


Can’t Find My Way Home by Steve Winwood, is a good picking workout, also in dropped D.


Some great suggestions here, I second Good Riddance and Everybody Hurts as good ones and I’ll add Unintended by Muse which also contains a pretty challenging (for me) picked introduction.

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Good one.

Actually, several of Justin’s lessons of Beatles’ songs involve picking out some melody and strumming, too. Some are played on electric, but I expect they sound pretty good on acoustic, too. Check out: In My Life, I Feel Fine, Day Tripper, Something. Oh, and I completely forgot Norwegian Wood, which is sort of a standard in this style. Check 'em out.


Also: Wish You Were Here

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Thank you all! I really appreciate you peeps selections and will definitely look into them!
I will focus on getting Californication down first!