Good app or site you would recommend for Bass?

Hello, I have purchased the Justin Guitar App and it is great! My wife would like to learn the Bass - is there a good app or site you would recommend for Bass?

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I’m not aware of anything which is quite the same as the JustinGuitar site/app for bass.

One of the better instructional sites for bass is Scotts Bass Lessons. However, unlike Justin’s site, which is free, SBL has a paid membership.

If you are happy with that, SBL has a great community and loads of lessons from a range of teachers. They also have a “Groove Trainer” app, although it’s not really the same as Justin’s as it doesn’t have any instructional content.



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Probably worth following @Endureth, our resident bassist.
He’s a pleasant, helpful dude :sunglasses: :wink:
This is from a post in another thread:


There are seven modes. One is major scale, one is minor scale. 5 others are flavors.

Learn the modes and you’re a step closer to learning the language under the chords.

Victor Wooten teaches a lot so I’ve learned a lot through him. Like a LOT lot.

Dissecting, digesting and learning songs I enjoy has helped the most. On youtube there are a bunch of bassists that cover their favorite songs. I just learn a bunch, notice similarities in the parts, recognize some as a technique and then explore the technique on my own all over the fretboard and try to make music with it myself.

Some of the guys I watch on youtube are:

Scott’s Bass Lessons
Constantine Isslamow
Kello Gonzalez
Remco’s Groove Lab
Sanitys Void

And my three golden rules of self-teaching:
Use a metronome.
Learn to sing the part before playing it.
Practice hard things slow more than you think you need to.

Stay Hungry


Hello @SidWells

I’m a member of Scott’s Bass Lessons and Bass Buzz. I would recommend Bass Buzz over SBL for a beginner. SBL can be overwhelming at first. Josh is the instructor over at Bass Buzz. BB has a Beginner to Badass course for a fee and free tutorials on YouTube. Nice bite sized lessons that allow the student to progress in a similar manner to Justin’s approach to guitar lessons. Both SBL and BB have community pages and all of the other learning materials you would expect.

I hope that helps. If you have any other questions just ask.



Hi Smokey,

Many thanks for this. I had a look at Bass Buzz and I really like the attitude (ie really friendly, fun and relaxed) and the Youtube vids are very informative and easy to understand.

We will def go with this recommendation.



I think you’ll find his lessons easily digestible. Similar to his YT videos. You make steady progress and it’s fun.

This looks like a great site for beginners for sure. I’ve certainly used his videos on youtube in the past.

Good luck! Have fun with it!


Am I imagining things, or did Justin say something in a recent monthly news email
about adding bass lessons to the site?
I would love to know how to play simple bass accompaniment in a casual jam session context.

Bass Buzz and StudyBass have good free content. I’ve bought a lot of lessons at and there’s a great community there too.

Well you’re not the only one that has a memory about Justin mentioning Bass Lessons. Would be good as I’ve got an old bass gathering dust in the corner. I’ll just have to ask my wife if I can “borrow” it.