Good news for guitar players in 2024

Rick Beato on new trends in music


Rick always has interesting takes on music, songwriting and trends. Thanks for sharing.

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Hi Stitch, thank you for sharing!
Okay, cool content. Subscribed :sunglasses:

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That was interesting, thanks.

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Interesting to me because I have teenage grandkids. Personally, I don’t listen to any current music, with the exception of new blues recordings, so I won’t really notice the trends. My listening is entirely classic rock and blues, my guitar playing adds some country and bluegrass to the classic rock and blues.

Hmmm. Hip-hop. Trended south the first time I heard it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Good to see guitars trending up, according to this.

Cheers Shane


I found it interesting about songs getting shorter as I was only have that discussion with my brother a few weeks ago.

I bought Teddy Swims album. 10 tracks 31 minutes. I was only just starting to get into it when it finished. Glad I didn’t buy it on vinyl, I’d have felt very short changed.

Interesting analysis from Mr B. Can’t say I’ve followed any charts for decades, either side of the pond. Funny thing about song length, having grown up in the days of the 2-3 minute record back in the 60s and seeing rock songs get longer in the 70s and 80s and taking your time listening.
I’d only last a few seconds with pop songs so can’t make any comparisons and hip hop pah :rofl: But in this world of 30 sec click bait good to see songs getting longer again and guitars on the up. I am just glad my YouTube algorithms keep me fed with a steady stream of hard rock, especially the constant supply of new young artists and bands getting into the genre.

Long live rock n roll.


Ah… Trends…Analytics… (now with AI… :face_vomiting:)
The nice thing about trends is that they come…and go again… I never really cared for what the “taste du jour” is or was or has been…
If i hear something that i like, i’ll listen to it and maybe buy the record to support the artist.
(Since i’ve discovered Bandcamp, my relationship with my creditcard has become somewhat complicated… :crazy_face:)
Trends were here before i was, and will be here long after that too…

Hip-Hop down 37%? Yay! :star_struck:

Remember when half the guitar channels on YouTube were bemoaning the death of Rock music, and the guitar?