Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) - Green Day (work in progress)

First time I’ve recorded this, pardon my alarm going off at the end. It has a pretty rough start due to nerves, but after I settle in, I think it hangs together alright. Let me know what you think (warning, I do have a profanity or three at the beginning)!

You might have noticed that I deviate from the strumming pattern provided in Justin’s lesson a little bit (one of the things I love about Justin is that he’s pedantic about little things like me). I’ve written out what I’m doing here for those curious.

The patch is Berg’s acoustic patch which makes use of the pedal’s acoustic simulation capability. If you happen to also use a Boss GT-1, you can download it here. Otherwise, you can learn about how he made it here to replicate in your own setup.

(Update 6/6/23: Oops, in the course of editing that patch to repurpose it for another song, I just realized that I’d left the ACSIM FX off! So, I guess I was just using a clean tone.)


Not bad. With some more reps I think you will have it down pretty solid. I had to chuckle when you started out with a flub. Happens to me all the time, and not just when I am recording or playing for someone. :smile:


Lovely guitar playing.
I love this song, and your version is cool!!!

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That was really good, a slightly more mellow version which you did justice to :wink: you also pretty well taken away one picked note while picking individual strings, this is a great hack for live performances as original picking pattern is a lot more challenging without looking at strings. Overall great job!



That “mute the thinnest string” hack is straight from Justin’s lesson, so I can’t claim credit for it. :slight_smile:

Nice clean picking.


Nice job, love the strumming. :slight_smile:


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Not that bit, when you play your ascending and descending line in original it is played during G chord strings E D G B G, whereas you miss out D string which again is pretty good hack!

PG - I like this tune. Excellent to cuss it out a bit to get the song started absolutely correctly! Most people would not be as patient as you in setting the nail upright - you drove it just right! -R

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Good stuff Felix, nice picking and smooth moving between that and strumming. Profanity fits the original so no issues! :rofl: :+1:

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when you play your ascending and descending line in original it is played during G chord strings E D G B G, whereas you miss out D string which again is pretty good hack!

Sorry, still not getting what you mean. The original song is so fast that I can’t tell where I’m deviating from it, and any deviation was unintentional.

During the G chord in the intro and verse, the strings I’m playing are E B G E G as such:


And for the 2nd verse, I put the full chord on 1 instead of picking the root. I realize now that this deviates from Justin’s lesson which picks the root on 1 and the full chord on 2.

I might stick with what I’ve been doing since it sounds fine and makes the full strum on 2 in the guitar break after “time of your life” stand out more, or maybe the pedantic in me will do it Justin’s way, since it’s not harder and seems to be more accurate. Haven’t decided yet.

The only other deviation I’m aware of is that when I am picking the D chord near the end of the verse, I remove my finger on the G string right before the chord change to C, switching it from an A to a G, but this fits the next chord (and isn’t too out of place for the D chord). That’s kind of a hack, as it lets me get ready for that C chord a little earlier, and I’ve liked how it sounded.

But neither of those sound like what you mean.

Oh I see where the difference is coming from now! I remember I sort of disagreed with Justin’s picking pattern and where you pick a second low E note on 3rd fret I pick open D string. Apologies for confusion! So sort of this way and because of that you don’t have to make a big jump from string G to low E, that applies to all 3 chords during both verse and chorus:


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Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up. Always very cool to see how very different approaches can all work well!

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great work, keep at it! It’s funny how recording can affect nerves that way haha

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Really nice Felix. A different take on this song but sounded really great.

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That is coming along nicely Felix. Not an easy one to play and sing so really well done.

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