Goodbye, cruel world…


Line outs from the POD Go are routed to my AI (as are the Mustang’s as I have 12 channels). AI connects to PC and onward to Reaper or OBS depending on the type of project I am working on. I have a 50W sound bar monitor connected to the AI to hear output if not using headphones. But I occasionally, take the PODs amp out and feed that to the Mustang with a really clean set up. especially if I want to play without headphones and not working with additional tracks. I can swap both POD and Mustang from the Xenyx AI to the UMC AI (18 inputs) for multi track projects, as the cables to both sit under the desk ready to plug and play.

Not a great photo as I drop the phone few weeks ago. Gravel and mobile lenses don’t play well together !!

Hope that helps.



Just resurfacing quickly for a gasp of fresh air. Gosh, it’s dark down there and a veritable maze! :open_mouth:
Won’t respond individually, but all good wishes gratefully received and acknowledged.

A brief worrying spell when the newly downloaded Pod Go Edit software kept on disconnecting spontaneously after a couple of minutes, but it looks like that might have been down to a dodgy usb cable… :sweat:

@Majik provides a fair summary of how I see it. Although I haven’t really scratched the surface of all the different tones you can get from the THR, it’s quite restricted what you can do easily from the box without going into the app. The Pod Go appears to be a lot more user-friendly in manipulating sounds and switching from the pedal. Already found some quite ‘spacey’ ones that I’m sure will have to feature somewhere down the line (a bit like when I first got my whammy bar :rofl:)

Deep breath…


Enjoy !

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Thanks Toby for the detailed post and pics. You’ve got a full recording studio going on there!

I wonder if there is a good setting on my Mustang GT that will simulate a PA and I could just go podGo → Mustang. This would give me the flexibility of the the PodGo without adding any complexity or bulk to my existing set up. I would basically be replacing my Fender footswitch with the PodGo.

Just find a clean amp model and a flat/middle eq setting eg when I take that route I’ll use something like a Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb model and all eq set 12 o’clock (no pedals). I’m sure the GT would have something similar. Just experiment and compare amp out put with the PODs headphone output. :sunglasses:

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Wish you a pleasant journey! Rabbit holes are where the gems are :wink: Remember to bring back some pearls and diamonds :wink: :+1: :sunglasses: :pray: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in the rabbit hole anymore…
Something doesn’t smell right :thinking:
One of the selector knobs doesn’t seem to work properly.
Let the tedious ‘no return’ return negotiations begin :cry:

Hi Brian,
Well, I’m really sorry for you :confounded:, hope that all is going
smooth as a wet eel from now…and as far as I’m concerned, I’m refraining from it for the time being ,because I don’t see myself working with apps to create a sound yet, I have the individual buttons of my distortion and chorus more untouched for over a year and the boss DD-8 has been standing next to me unemployed for over a year :see_no_evil:
I got rid of the itch for a while…that went quickly :sweat_smile:

Greetings,we go to the dutch meadows to pick our own vegetables from a farmer for the first time :smiley:

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Welcome back to the world Brian but I’m sorry to hear about your new toy not working correctly. Give me the days when you used to just take things back to the shop.

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@brianlarsen Bummer !! Did you get the POD Edit software working ? If you get stuck with it, you can always drive it from the interface and not the box itself. Must admit I do 99% of my settings or set ups that way. So all is not lost. :crossed_fingers:

Hehe, I rarely go to shops now apart from food. There’s always a chance things will go pear-shaped, but I’ve saved loads of time and money and you can usually get a good feel if it’s genuine. The seller’s been back in touch and we’re sorting it out. Seems legit :smiley:

@TheMadman_tobyjenner i know you’re right, and I as you say, I can work around it with the app. For a second, I was even tempted to keep it. On the other hand, one of the things I like about it is that you don’t have to use the app (well, not as much as the THR). Also, even though it’s a bargain, I’d prefer to pay a bit more and have a fully functioning unit. The good news is that I think I will be happy with one. It works with my desk amp and headphones and I can put it in front of my Trio+, which means I should be able to put on whatever sounds I like on the Trio looper, which was one of the weaknesses of not having an fx loop on my amp (@sairfingers :wink:). One pedal to rule them all as some might say… :roll_eyes: :laughing:


Hi Brian,

I know the rabbit hole you have entered. I have a Line6 Helix. My set of holes is more like a sponge than something from rabbits though…

I recommend making sure your problem is in the device and not with your understanding. I had a few occasions where I thought my device was defective, then looked online and in the manual (yes, i said it!) to find I was not doing the right thing.

Last, contact the Line6 support folks. I had pretty good support from the customer-facing people, but not so great from the engineering staff they went to. If your problem is with using it properly, you should do well.

Have fun. :slight_smile:

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Hi Michael, and thanks for reaching out :smiley:
My (very basic) understanding is that the Helix offers a whole next dimension of warrens…
Your sponge is way beyond me in tech-savvy. (I read your Line 6 power cab post :scream:)
I’m pretty sure it is a hardware problem with the upper (selector) knob. The manual says when you are in ‘home’ mode, you press the knob to get into the factory/user preset menu. When I press it there is no ‘click’ like there is on the knob below and nothing changes. (The knob does work when you turn it for selecting different functions in edit mode). I can change the menu from my PC, but would like the knob to work. Factory reset made no difference.
If I’m asking for a refund, I need to do it earlier rather than later…
Thanks again for taking the time to give your much appreciated advice :smiley:

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Well I guess it was a good experience and you now know what it can do. Was going to add a Jules, Yolanda, Fonzie quip but sounds like you are already cool. :sunglasses:

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Oh yeah, baby… Just point the gun at me! :rofl:

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OK Honey Bunny :rofl:

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I hope you replace it rather than give up on it. There are some amp models in the Helix that I really like the sound of (M/B Mk IV, Grammatico GSG) and I believe are in your pod GO as well. I have learned I am less into the other effects, but do fiddle with them as I dampen that sponge.

I too have a knob that doesn’t feel the same as the others. It is kind of grindy, but still works. I chose to not do the return thing for that problem.

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I could live with grindy if it worked, but I might as well start out with something I’m happy with.
I’ll take the postage hit and difference for what I’ll have to pay for another one and just put it down to the cost of confirming that it is actually what I want. That knowledge is valuable too :smiley:

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There are two reasons people sell things -

  1. They no longer like/need/want it.
  2. There is something wrong with it.
    In my younger days I bought a few second hand cars. Unfortunately they fell into the second category. :woozy_face:
    Hope you get things sorted out.

You’re right and I always try to buy for reason 1; that way it’s a win/win situation :smiley:
I’ve been driving for over 50 years, have never bought a new car and never will. The idea of driving off the forecourt and losing x-thousand instantaneously would freak me out :open_mouth:

My 2nd eBay Pod Go arrived in today’s post and- touch wood- all seems in fine order. Clean, no marks, original box & instructions, updated firmware without problems, and most importantly seems to be working fine :smiley:


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