Goodbye Def Leppard

Hello all,

I just got back from Hollywood, where my two daughters were mentoring with real Hollywood actors in the hopes of getting an agent. They have done a few commercials, but nothing major yet. If interested, follow them on instagram: @jessicacervantezreid and @isabellacervantezreid. Very proud of their performance in the showcase.

Anyways, this song was a stretch goal for me. Lots of weird chords I have never done so I improvised some. Bm7/A and F# minor seemed to fit. I played this in the courtyard at the Hilton near Universal Studios. A small crowd came to hear my music and a few thanked me for playing, so get out there and try playing in public. I really love Def Leppard and was really excited at this attempt of this song, written by Rick Savage. Anyone know where I can find a guitar with the British flag painted? I saw one once and didn’t buy it. In America all I find is the US flag. I’ve always loved the UK flag. Thanks for listening.



Good to see you back Jeff. And good luck to your daughters trying to break into showbiz, I bet that would be pretty hard!

I don’t know this song. I thought most of it was pretty well played, but there were a few points you paused the song/broke the rhythm for a chord change. E.g. to the Bm type chord. Try to keep the rhythm going. Keep strumming for changes you find hard, and try to change a bit early if you can, so you keep the beat. Will make a big difference! :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback. Most of these chords are outside of my comfort zone. The pauses were mostly me being nervous as I am watched by onlookers lol. I know the chord shapes just always struggle with moving to b minor no matter how long I practice. Someday I’ll get it. I’ll keep trying. Thanks for listening.

Hey Jeff,

I love how you get out in public and play. Its a great mindset sharin your music all over.
A tricky little tune, that as you said, was a bit beyond your comfort zone. But you had a crack at it, and it sounded OK, and it’ll develop over time.
Congrats on your daughters’ exciting journey. You must be very proud.

All the best.
Cheers, Shane

Good to hear from you again, Jeff. Well done on picking up a song that stretches you into a whole lot of growth.

Wish your daughters well.

Thanks very much. Since I did a mini concert “air quotes”, here are 2 more songs I played in the set.


I played:

  1. Shadow of the day- Linkin Park
  2. Goodbye- Def Leppard
  3. Everytime I Look At You- Kiss
  4. Don’t Be Cruel- Elvis (not recorded)
  5. Let Her Cry- Darious Rucker (not recorded)

After 5 songs I gave their ears a break.


Thanks very much David. I still have my work to do. I appreciate the encouragement :slight_smile:

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Thanks Jeff! I loved watching your songs :smiley:
Best wishes for your daughters too!

Playing guitar in Hollywood! Living the dream Jeff! Some difficult chord changes in the Def Leppard song but keep at it and you’ll nail that Bm.

You’ve got a good up and down strum motion but I’d suggest reducing the length of the stroke a bit. When you come to play faster more complex patterns you won’t have time for such a long stoke.

Well done and good luck to your daughters.

Hey Jeff,

I echo everything that has been said above. You are making progress and living the dream on the way. Stretching yourself will keep driving you forward.

Ha ha… that’s exactly how I feel mate… perfect fast changes no problemo… stick it in a song :woozy_face: just got to keep practising lots of different songs with it in it.

Good luck to your daughters following their dreams in Hollywood.

Hi Jeff. What a performer. Getting out there and sharing. Woohoo!

Thanks for the suggestions.

Thanks a lot Willsie!

Hi Jeff. I remember a lesson from Justin about being able to play something while watching TV. I do not remember one about playing in a public space and in Hollywood while filming an AVOYP. Quite a successully completed challenge. I suppose they do not get too astonished around there if they cross paths with any star chilling around with his guitar. Goodbye looks promising, keep working on it. I used to play Hysteria. I may try it again. Good luck to your daughters.

I am far from a star lol, but thanks for the compliment. The key is to keep moving forward even if that performance was less than perfect. A lot of people enjoyed it and nobody complained. People in California appreciate music in general so it is not out of the ordinary to see someone playing. I was the only one that day though. Have a good day.