Goodbye Moonmen (collaboration with 3 different mixes)

Late last year I worked on a mini-project with a good friend and fellow guitarist, Jon, who’s from the UK, and recorded and mixed our version of the song Goodbye Moonmen which is from the TV show Rick & Morty. Jon on vox and me on guitar, he then did the mixing and production. As I’m in China and he’s in the UK, all this was done remotely.

This is the first version.

The project expanded to involve a mutual friend, Brandon, from the U.S., a guitarist and producer. He remixed and produced this second version.

Another friend, Julie, from Canada, wanted to get in on the act, and wrote a bass track and we then added that to the mix.

Each of the four of us involved have own favorite version, but which do you like best?

Regardless of which it is I hope you enjoy listening and if you haven’t tried it already this kind of remote collaboration isn’t as challenging as it may appear at first and can be highly rewarding! Give it a go!


What a lot of fun and creativity you and your friends have had David.

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We truly are global. It’s amazing what we can do these days.

I enjoyed all 3 David but for me I thought the bass remix was the best one.

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David, I took a listen to just the third. Cool song, sounds ever so Ziggy Stardust to me.

Didn’t hear much bass, admittedly I am listening on mid-fi buds, better than typical phone buds but not HiFi quality. Listened to the second mix and thought they sounded pretty similar, guess I am losing the lows.

As for giving remote collaboration a go, there are a few folks here who have produced such collaborations, both covers and original songs. Nothing near the top of AVOYP at the moment, you’d have to scroll down to find some that have been shared.

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All three are a good listen, David. They got progressively better for me. I would like to hear the bass maybe panned and brought out more in the mix as I had to really focus hard to hear it. Maybe that’s my old ears letting me down! I totally agree with @DavidP, very Ziggy Stardust.

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