Google Pay is a nightmare

Hi Dave Shizzles,

Your payment from Visa-**** was declined. To keep your subscription active, please change the payment method.

We’ll try to process the payment again so you can regain access to your subscription.


Amount Due £80.99
Fix by Feb 15, 2022

The Google Play team

Nothing to update. They have the right info and the right card with the right details.

So what is it hanging on now? They want to verify the card they say. Hmmmmmm They have the info they need to verify this card and they themselves have used this card in the past to take my money for items paid.

On Youtube i refuse to verify this account via financial details to watch content that i am interested in. No its no prawn. They have enough details on everybody and i am not giving them my financial details when they already have it anyway.

So why am i going in circles yet again?

I am going in circles with these people.

I dont have time to deal with this right now. I am off to get my THIRD covid shot.

Any other means to pay? Or i am just going to have to submit to the beast and do as they want even though they already have all this info anyway. This is stupid.

I have sent you a pm with a contact address Dave.