Google says better I change my strings on new guitar

So last month I got myself a new acoustic guitar and so far has not changed the strings
The guitar has Martin Lifespan 2.0 92/8 Phosphor Bronse, .013-.056
I was thinking to change the string to Same martin lifespam but 12/54 light string
The reason

  1. To put less tension on the guitar
  2. Make it easier to play as I mostly used classical guitar It is not easy for me to use acoustic

What do you think guys should I go for this lighter string?
Will I also need to make a truss rod adjustments?

I searched in google it seems mostly advise changing string of a new guitar :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t worry too much about tension on an acoustic guitar. They’re designed to take the strain of all types of gauges, from light to heavy. You won’t break it with a set of 13/56… that’s not even considered heavy. :slight_smile:

So string gauge is down to you and what you prefer. If you feel you’d benefit from a lighter gauge, go for it. You won’t hurt anything by trying different strings until you find ones you like. I have 12/53 D’Addarios on both of mine which feel great.

You might have to make a truss rod adjustment going to a lighter gauge yes, but see how it goes. Even if you do, it’s a very easy thing to do yourself as long as you have the right sized allen key. Plenty of guides about to help you, as well as this wonderful community if you have any questions about it. :+1:t2:

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It will be guitar dependent, of course, but I find I don’t need a truss rod adjustment if I only change one gauge of string.

If you drop to 12s it may reduce the relief so if you get buzzing, you will know.

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