Gordon Lightfoot - If you could read my mind, fingerstyle guitar cover

Hi friends,

This is song I’ve always wanted to learn. Turns out it was not super tricky. I struggled more with the vocals than the guitar, which I did not expect for this particular song. Would be very happy to get some feedback :slightly_smiling_face: I think I’ve noticed that my singing is many times a little off in the beginning of a song, and then improves like on verse 2 or something. Think it’s a nerve thing, even alone in my basement I get nervous when the camera is on :sweat_smile: anyone else experience this?

Hope you have a good weekend all, take care!


Excellently played and sung :clap: the finger picking especially sounded really nice :v:

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Erik, that was absolutely lovely :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::clap::+1:.
It’s such a beautiful song and you played it so well.
I play a bit of fingerstyle myself and know how difficult it is - particularly when singing along simultaniously. Congratulations :clap::clap:!

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Some lovely fingerstyle there Eric, really well played. It’s a terrific song.
Yes your vocal got more confident as the song went on but I got the impression you were reading the lyrics as you played. If you learn the lyrics off by heart that will help with confidence and allow your playing and singing to sync better.
Well done.

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Really enjoyed that Erik, nicely played and sung. Good tribute. :sunglasses:

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Beautifully done.
Your vocals and guitar playing are so nice, enjoyed 'em so much!
Thanks for this beauty!

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Great playing, vocals got better as you went on.

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Thanks Chazzo, appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much Nicole. Yeah it’s definitely a bit tricky to multitask, especially when you are learning a new picking pattern (like this one for me), and when the pattern changes within the song The answer is of course like always lots of practice and automatization of the guitar part :grin:

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Thanks sair, appreciate your feedback! I was not reading the lyrics but I understand that impression :grin: I know for sure that I know the lyrics by heart, but when playing simultaneously and also recording, a lot of times I still mess up the lyrics and maybe it also gets a bit mechanical. Think it’s the whole bunch of things going on at the same time that throws me off my game

Thanks Toby! Yeah so sorry we lost Gordon

Thanks for your kind words Rene :blush:

Just like I thought then. Thanks for the feedback!

Hi Erik.
Think you did great. Nice fingerpluckin and nice vocal.
Also think that your vocal become better a bit into the song.
Some songs are like that. Sounds supereasy to sing, but in reality that is not the case…

Swedish or norwegian?

Wow great job. Definitely sounds tricky and you did a fantastic job! Especially keeping time with the finger style pattern and the vocal phrasing. Gordon Lightfoot to me was one of those masters who had a very unique and immediately identifiable voice and style. This was a great tribute.

This is really good, I would like to know where you got the arrangement, is it a Justin video? On the singing, the start is the most difficult, for me at least. I try and key in very clearly to the start of the vocals and experiment a bit to find the best way to come in on vocals that give a nice clean start. Often this is a compromise from how the original vocal sounds on the track, but I think it is better to start clean without any mistake, and once you get into it, the vocals start flowing a little easier with the music. Which is exactly as you describe your vocals are noticeably better as the song progresses.
Really just a few tweaks on the vocals, the guitar playing sounds great.

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That was wonderful, Erik. Really nicely played and sung. Nice fingerstyle too.

I used to get nervous when recording for the AVOYP but now I just think, if it goes wrong I stop it and start again.

Erik, that was wonderful. The fingerstyle playing was beautifully consistent. :clap:

Superb performance in every way. I completely know what you mean about singing improving as the song goes along. For me I think it’s just being conscious of hearing myself, I improve in the middle once I’m immersed in the song and near the end is like a relief and I speed up my timing like it’s a race to finish.

You were really consistent all the way through. Fabulous. Thank you.

Sounded fabulous. Difficult pattern(s).
Question, I believe the original uses a pattern (1/8 notes) that occasionally reverses. By that I mean some measures ascend from the bass note and some descend.

Did you follow that, or is the pattern you are using the same for every measure?
Either way the patterns worked for you. Congratulations, not easy to learn this song.