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The harmonic movement used in this arrangement is used by gospel singers but works awesome on guitar too!

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Hello. For me is much easier to make the small bar on the 3 thinnest strings with my 1st finger at the first gospel slied, instead of the 3rd finger. Is it a problem? I mean shall I try to solve it with my 3rd finger? Thanks.

Hi Peter,
I don’t see it as a big problem,.but. :grimacing::grin:…this was also true for me in the beginning,…but I learned it like Justin did and I’m benefiting from it now, because I use it much more often now …

Thank. I try it than, but it hurts my 3rd finger:)

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Good of you :sunglasses:, just try and give a kiss on your finger occasionally :grin:

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In what way does it hurt? is it because you need to build up strength in your finger, are you pressing to hard or is that part of the finger tender because it has no calluses yet?

It is not a question of strength, and yes it has calluses. With the 3rd finger is really difficult fort me to make the barre, that allthe 3 strins play perfectly. With A shape barre cords I do not have problems. But this small move one string up is resally hard. With 1st or even 2nd finger is much easier, I do not know the reason

I’d keep practicing with the 3rd finger. When you get into playing lead with double stops and triad slides you’ll be better off using your 3rd finger. But eventually you’ll need to do slide with every finger both ways depending on where the next note is.