Grade 1 Completion Percentage

I’ve completed all the lessons for Grade 1 and the modules were all showing 100% completion. But I logged on today to start looking at Grade 2 and noticed all my Grade 1 modules are showing only 80-90% complete now even though the lessons within those modules are still displayed as complete. Just curious why my completion percentages changed. I’m still moving on to Grade 2.

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Some parts have be modded by Justin, some of mine only show 90% but individually within each module they’re 100%. Just carry on :slight_smile:

Grats on finishing G1. :clap:



Ignorance was bliss.
Having now read this and checked my own progress, I too am now missing some %ages although fully ‘complete’
That’s going to mess with the OCD … ! :face_with_peeking_eye: :sweat_smile:

From my experience across many Modules since the website upgrade a few years back, when a new addition to a module is added, your completion status/percentage is decreased. Prime example for me was the addition of the PMT Workbooks to the Music Theory Course. These were added as “new lessons” and resulted in all my completed modules suddenly becoming partially complete.

Go to your Dashboard and select Journey and see if the Module you thought were completed are now showing In Progress. Select them to see what is “still to be completed”. Either mark those lessons done or if they are of interested, give them a watch.

Hope that helps.


I checked and i have the same issue

Every videos are checked in many modules but the module does not show a 100 % complete :confused:
there is no in progress

Grade 1 shows me at 111% complete :smiley:

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That’s dedication !

I did have four concurrent Grade 1 and 2 duplicate modules all with a different status which I flagged a few years back and in the end just gave up on what it was saying. Having gone back and done the G1 G2 lessons again (and new stuff) from beginning to end, its now showing complete.
How long for who knows ! So I still track via spreadsheet, can’t beat Old Skool.


That’s just too good.
Bravo James.


:grin::rofl: Yes! It’s messing with my OCD tendencies! :rofl::grin:

I’m glad I posted my original question for two reasons - the first is that it turned into a fun discussion with the great responses. Second, a couple of the responses reminded me to start the PMT Grade 1 course which I’m doing now. Thank you all for the great responses!

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Toby - I followed your dashboard suggestion and I think it revealed the answer, thank you for the suggestion. For Module 7 I’ve submitted the course feedback form several times but it doesn’t appear to have gone through, so it’s still showing incomplete. Probably another quirk related to using my mobile phone instead of a computer. And I’ve only watched one Nitsuj video, so all of them are incomplete. Not a problem, I’m starting PMT Grade 1 today and hopefully also Grade 2 of the lessons course. I want to mention how much I appreciate Justin’s courses and this community. :heart:

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That’s actually exactly what I did when I checked.
Journey shows all modules for Grades 1&2 complete (Grade 3/4/Playground - ‘In Progress’)
But when going into individual Modules through the course menus for Grades 1&2 it is showing incomplete percentages despite having apparently completed all the lessons.

Grade 1 Module 1: A & D CHORDS: PLAY YOUR FIRST SONG! -
Comprises 12* lessons all with green ticks and "Lesson Completed’
But apparently I have only completed 92%
*Just noticed here that in the header it states 13 lessons. There are only 12 lessons listed underneath and the text you see after ‘Start the Module’ it confirms there being a total of 12.

Checking further ---- there are further discrepancies with the lesson numbers as given on the module headers with the lessons actually contained within the modules …

Possibly the Nitsuj practice videos? I seem to remember, for some reason, they were included in my completion metrics.
Either way, don’t worry, if you know you’ve done the learning modules then it’s all good right? :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s all good, I’m not concerned about the completion percentage. It was more of a curiosity. All the responses were greatly appreciated, thank you!

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Nope, viewed all of them too :thinking:

Just noticed that the completion percentage issue has been resolved and I’m back at 100% for those modules I should be.

OCD now satisfied :smiley: