Grade 1 Exam: two songs - Chocolate Jesus and Mad World

Well, here it is: my very first post.

A bit of background: I’ve had a nylon acoustic for about thirty years now, but never taken any course and never learnt anything other than a few simple riffs. End of last year I’ve found Justin Guitar and decided to be serious about it; got a cheap entry-level strat to go along with the acoustic and began practicing - playing the electric with headphones works better for study since I do it at night when the family is resting.

I’ve been at the end of Grade 1 for over two months, basically feeling insecure about posting a recording, so I’ve postponed it. Until today;

Chocolate Jesus: using D_Du_uD_ strumming for the 1st half, and then all down strokes for the second part of the song; tempo feels a bit “insecure” at times.

heckler · Chocolate Jesus

Mad World: this song I can almost sing along the chorus parts without losing my strumming; but not yet ready for sharing, hence no singing here. Same strumming pattern throughout.

heckler · Mad World

Note: I’ve played this while listening along to the Justin Guitar app in “band+vocals” mode (as I usually practice, since it is quite a lot of fun). If I do it without the backing track my tempo does not hold as well, but I can do it too.

That’s it!

Appreciate any feedback, and whether this should be good enough to pass grade 1 :blush:


Hi heckler first of all well done on posting your first recordings! Now you can sit back relax and enjoy the moment of achievement as any next posting will be a piece of cake :wink:

All sounded good enough for me, steady rhythm good changes and no dead notes - I would say crack on and enjoy G2 :wink: all the best

Well done Claudio, it’s a big step posting first recordings. Both of these are musical, with good fretting and timing. I think it’s time to move on and have fun doing it :smiling_face:

Congratulations on your first AVOYP postings Claudio.

I’d say you have nailed grade 1 and are ready to move on to grade 2. Nice steady strumming and clean changes. Well done.

Congrats on the recordings, Claudio, both sounded good … steady rhythm, clean chords, smooth changes and liked the tone of your electric. Have fun with Grade 2 and now you’ve made a first recording, I encourage you to do so more frequently as you work through the modules of grade 2.

Souding good Claudio, very tight in fact, I’d definitely say that’s a pass. Enjoy Grade 2 :slight_smile:

Thank you all for taking the time to listen to this and for the kind words of encouragement. I will certainly be recording more on the months to come and will post here again. Cheers!

Huge step getting first recordings up. It definately adds some pressure when youre recording.

I would hazard a guess that many / most beginners would struggle with tempo for a full song etc without a backing track / beat or metronome to help keep time I know I do. Not somethign to worry about imo.

Well done.

Well done Claudio. A nicely played recording of the 2 songs. Good rhythm with both. Very clean strumming.

Awesome work! Congratulations. And can I just share that as a brand, brand newbie (I’m still strumming only on the 1 and learning the A and D chords) this is super inspiring so thank you for sharing your recordings with us. :slight_smile:

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