Grade 1 module 4 learner - should I learn songs?

I am doing well, but it’s of no use if I don’t learn to play any songs
so, I thought before I finish grade 1, I also should start learning grade 1 songs along with learning from the modules.
is this right??
I don’t know I am literally confused


First of all welcome to the community. :grinning:
You should definitely learn songs, even if you only have two chords, there are plenty of songs to have a go at.
Songs is what it is all about, give it a go!!!


Hello @Avenger_Ronnie and welcome to JustinGuitar and the community.

I have a well known, well used, well worn mantra …

learn songs, learn songs, learn songs

If you have not / are not learning songs then you are missing the whole big whizz-bang point of it all.

In the ‘old’ beginner course (before Justin revamped and re-wrote and re-filmed everything then created the new website to host it) he recommended that people learn up to ten songs per stage. He had beginner song books with many songs per stage to choose from. Those books are still available and very useful. As is the app for many if you like to use electronics and a play-along style.



Hi @Avenger_Ronnie and welcome.

Short answer to your question but 100% yes!! it’s the inspiration for all of us to have picked up the guitar in the first place. If you’re struggling to find songs that fit your knowledge then check out the Songs page on the main JG website (, you can filter to specific chords that you’ve learned to help you pick a few. There’ll be tonnes available even with just two chords as @MAT1953 notes above.

Have fun!


You don’t need to learn ALL the songs listed in all of the modules. But definitely come away with 3 or 4 that you like and that you can work on as you progress. I’d definitely recommend picking at least one in 6:8 time so you can get the feel for the different rhythm.


Hi @Avenger_Ronnie ,
In my book, once you have learned 3 chords, and able to shift from one chord to the other 2, then that is a good time to play and sing songs.
Singing while playing forces you to keep up with the chord shifts.
The chords that go together are [D, A, G], [A, E, D], to start with the easy chords.
This is called the I - IV - V progression, and there are hundreds of great songs that only employ these 3 chords, and they are all major chords, no minor chords involved.
Most rock and roll, country, and folk songs only has 3 chords.
If you have any question on what I just stated, you can reply, and ask me, and many people will answer your question, do not fear, or do not be shy.
By the way, there is no question that is “no good”!!!
Good luck,


Hi there, I’m on module one and am having a go at about 8 different songs on the way through. I find if I turn the tempo down to 80/90% on the song app, I can almost manage the chord changes. It’s really good to play along with the app. I struggle where I don’t know the songs. I do think it helps you get used to changing chords though.
Well done, keep on playing and get those songs going.

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If you are having trouble keeping up at that tempo, slow it down until you can comfortably make the changes in time. I think the App will go down to 50%, though things can sound somewhat distorted at that tempo.

Slow and relaxed, but hitting the changes solidly on the beat, is much better than fast, tense, and sloppy. I learned that the hard way.

If you focus on comfort, relaxation, and precision, speed will come with time and practice. Don’t try to force it.