Grade 1 Strumming

I am very beginner and started to learn guitar thru JustingGuitar app.

I am currently ending the grade 1 but I am confused about strumming:

  1. Should I just keep hands movement as much as possible during the musics whithout touch any string?

  2. Or, should I follow the music strumming pattern and touch all the strings? If so, the same chord shall be used for the entire strum sequence?

Tks for your attention!


Hi Andre ,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

When we talk about keep hands-arm movement, we mean that you continue to move the rhythm guitar without actually touching the strings in order to maintain the correct rhythm… but in the beginning it feels not like everything you are doing helps with that in that way (at least it was that way for me :grimacing: and sometimes still is) …but it is a powerful thing to learn that works :smiley: …good luck with it a and have fun of course,

Ps : I would like to add that in the very beginning of songs and you should practice a new rhythm then Justin recommends muting the strings with your fretting hand and then practicing the rhythm while you hit the strings and get a muted sound …

Hope this helps


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Cool… thanks for the prompt feedback.

This is exactly what I am doing. Do you know when we are going to start to play the cords and strum simultaneously?

Best Regards,

Hi, what I just told you is a bit of general knowledge about how and what to learn, but I never learned how to play with the app myself, so I will leave further questions to my fellow musicians who do know the app and your questions can be answered by them…

Although I will immediately admit that I do not fully understand your question and I wonder whether it comes across well to most people here … this could of course be entirely my "problem"because I am a Dutchman :roll_eyes:


No problem man.

My question is about combining chords and strumming partners.

I am currently learning the basic chords and in separate learning basic strumming.

Is it expected on the Grade 1 to combine chords and strumming patterns? If not, when it should be happening?

Looking in the app, I’d say that starting to look at strumming patterns appears around Grade 1 module 4 along with D minor.

Just be prepared for feeling like a complete beginner all over again. You might be changing nicely between A, D and E chords but once you try and do that with a strumming pattern it gets tougher again (for a while). It highlights how automatic (or not) your chord changes are. If they’re automatic then adding a strumming pattern will be easy but more likely you’ll find there’s more thought than you realise going into those chord changes and adding a strum pattern will be like rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time!


Hello and welcome to JustinGuitar and the Community Andre. Thanks for subscribing to the App - supporting Justin and learning from a great tool.

As you worked through the lessons on the App did you ever cross reference with the matching website lessons that have a lot of additional written content?

For every bar of music your strumming hand needs to move down four times and up four times.
Not as much as possible.
An exact, counted number of times per bar.

1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &
corresponds with

Or, should I follow the music strumming pattern and touch all the strings?

Once you have formed the chord shape with your fretting hand, maintain it for as long as that chord lasts in the chord progression. It may be one whole bar, two whole bars, sometimes just half a bar. Keep it held down with your fingers pressing in the correct frets.

If so, the same chord shall be used for the entire strum sequence?

You need to change chords according to the chord progresssion. See above. Most of the time this is on the count of 1 for a new bar.

I hope that helps.