Grade 2 learning

Hallo there, I’m not much on the community but today I am learning a Dutch song called Pastorale, lyrics are from Lennaert Nijgh and the words are from Boudewijn de Groot. It’s a song in a 3/4 time signature. The chords in the song are D - Dsus2 - Dsus4 - A - C - F - E - F sharp and B minor. It’s a challenge to play this song. Another song I’am learning is Blackbird, fingerpicking style. It’s a nice song to play using TAB notation. Allthough I can read notes, it is harder to use them as I play the guitar than when I am playing the piano. Still learning the notes on the guitar neck and the E minor pentatonic, the A minor pentatonic and the C major scale. Even did some improvisation using the backingtrack on JG using only string one, two and three. Now using the JG app for three months and still learning. Wish you all a great and fruitfull guitar journey


Hi Dick, always good to hear peoples progress and what you’re working on, it sounds like you’re giving yourself some good challenges and a good amount of variety!
Keep us posted on your progress, the community is always keen to hear / read and to offer any advice if you ever need it!
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