Grade 2 songs on App. When should I use stuck 3&4 chords?

I don’t understand why the songs for level2 on the guitar app don’t tell you when to use the stuck 3&4 chords. Most of the songs for that practice module only show the regular chords. It would make much more sense and be so much more helpful if It actually showed when to use the new chords throughout the song.


It is left open to the player. When you see a C chord you can try playing regular or stuck 3&4. Sometimes one will sound better than the other, sometimes not.

Hope that helps.
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I used a couple of the key songs Justin suggested;

Wonderwall (with basic strumming), and
Shock Me All Night Long

And used the stuck 3/4 Chords for all chords in both songs. I really enjoyed this set of chords.

If the chords used in the song are G C D Am Em, you can try to play the stuck 3&4. If the C is a Cadd9, then it very likely sounds even better with stuck 3&4.

Hi Lclude, try playing along the original song, use your ears while only listening when changes are happening and then try to implement it while you play. Slow down the song to make sure you can keep up. Would it be easier with stuck chords written down when to be used? Absolutely. Is it better to have it written down rather than trying to work it out yourself and use your ears as an exercise? I would say not. All the best.

Hi, I agree that using your ears to see what sounds better is key, but when the lesson is to practice the stuck 3&4 chords, i find that most of the practice songs sound better with regular chords, especially the D chord. It would be nice if they had songs that a variety of stuck chords sounded good.

Hi, I tend to agree with @Lclude . Anyone have any suggestions for Brown Eyed Girl as to which chords should be switched to stuck3&4? I think the whole song sounds better with the regular open chords. Big G sounds special always and all the stuck chords sound great on Wonderwall but in this song they seem superfluous. Sure, I can use them just for the sake of practice but I prefer to us the right horse for the right course.
Edit: Don’t get me wrong - I am really excited to be able to add this song to my set list - seems an easy win and it sounds great (and I reckon the intro can be nailed after a week or 2) - just looking for opinions on this.